Windows 365: Cloud Operating System announced by Microsoft

Windows 365

Microsoft announces Windows 365: the cloud operating system for use on any device that has a browser.

We go back to talking about Windows based on the cloud, Microsoft’s project to bring its operating system to different devices and thus forget about the hardware that until now could limit us. We were aiming for a launch between today and tomorrow and that is what has finally happened. We already have Windows 365 with us.

The company has confirmed its commitment to the cloud to have a kind of Windows streaming but instead of Cloud PC they have opted for a name in line with other products of the brand and if we have Office 365 now it is the turn of Windows 365.

Windows everywhere

Windows 365 is something that many may remember Microsoft xCloud or Google Stadia but now putting leisure aside. A system that allows the execution of Windows in a great variety of devices in which a browser can be executed . It means that we have Windows on a mobile with Android, but also on an iPhone or an Apple Mac, to name just two examples.

Windows 365 is the door that offers us access to all the applications we use in Windows, but also to our favorite settings . A Windows 365 that right now hides the base of Windows 10 inside but that hopes to make the leap to Windows 11 when it is launched.

Don’t say Cloud PC, say Windows 365

Windows 365 is a child, as they suggest in the statement of the pandemic. It’s about making teleworking easier from anywhere and from any device .

With Windows 365 you can improve the security of your computers. Windows can be accessed via a browser from a personal or work device, which means ending compatibility problems and, incidentally, avoiding possible security breaches generated by the use of personal devices.

For now, Windows 365 comes with an approach designed for the business market , something that we also discussed this morning. In fact, it is advertised as “a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11 for businesses of all sizes” and this is why security is critical. Windows 365 is built on Zero Trust principles in order to avoid potential risks. To do this, it stores the information in the cloud, not on the device.

Windows 365 is based on Azure Virtual Desktop and incorporates analysis of the network connection status and the Watchdog service that performs a continuous diagnosis to achieve proper operation and avoid failures and performance problems.

Price and availability

Windows 365 will be generally available to companies of all sizes from August 2, 2021 and they have already enabled a page, this link , to learn more about it.

Businesses can choose the size of Windows in the cloud that best suits their needs with a price per user and per month that has not yet been announced, so we will have to stay tuned. In this sense, it offers two options that include Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise .

Regarding a version for the general user, Microsoft has not provided any type of data for now, but as we saw this morning, it is to be expected that over time


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