Windows 11: Microsoft’s new operating system, the changes that have been made

Windows 11 Available

Windows 11, the latest version of Microsoft’s computer operating system, was launched on Tuesday.  Those who are using Windows 10 will be able to upgrade to this new version for free.

Panos Pane, Windows’ chief product officer, told the media that the new version was designed to be ‘clean and convenient’ for users.

“People who know the least about technology can easily upgrade to the new system,” he said.

He added that expert users have already tested the new operating system using the Windows Insider trial program and found no problems. He said the system is now fully ready for upgrade.

New features and changes in Windows 11:

Specific changes have been made to the design of Windows 11. The Start menu will be in the center of the taskbar by default. There will be other icons as well.

Clicking the Start button will bring up a menu of frequently used apps.

In some cases, it may look like a smartphone’s app menu or launcher.

Microsoft has removed the ’tiles’ in the start menu of Windows 10 from the new operating system.

Mr.  Pane says they learned from Windows 8, from which the Start menu was completely omitted.  This caused many users to become dissatisfied.
Windows 11 takes into account how people use computers.

Throughout the system there is a rich round design. It has been made easy to view menus and folders.

The option to sort windows and share them on the grid is newer and more advanced.

An important feature widget of Windows Vista 2007 has been brought back.

But then the widgets could be placed anywhere on the screen at will, but now the widgets will be in a sidebar on the left.  These will be associated with Microsoft services.

Apart from changes in interface and design, some other changes have also been made in Windows 11.

The system integration of Microsoft Teams and Xbox apps that replaced Skype has been widely advertised in Microsoft ads.

The Windows version of the App Store, the Microsoft Store, has been completely redesigned.  From now on, third parties will be given the opportunity to sell their applications.

However, the new feature that has caused a frown in the technology world is that the apps made for Android smartphones will run on Windows 11. It will be through the Amazon App Store.

The first users who they say, the new version of the internal search system is faster than before.  However, it prefers Bing and Edge browsers, Microsoft’s own services, to display web search results.

For gamers, Microsoft promised that its new drive technology would provide some benefits in terms of direct storage game loading time.

However, new hardware will be required to take advantage of this feature.  As a result, not all computers will be able to take advantage of this new feature.

To take advantage of this, the computer must have a type of security chip called TPM.  This chip is only added to modern computers.

Microsoft has also recently unveiled some new hardware, which is related to this new version of Windows.

But users who are using Windows 10 do not have to pay for these new hardware if the computer is running.

Windows will continue to receive security updates and support until October 10, 2025.


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