Why Twitch has removed PogChamp emote ?

pogchamp emote
pogchamp emote removed

There is Breaking news today’s we are going to be covering the topic of twitch has actually banned and permanently removed the pogchamp emote from the platform.

Yes! You heard it right..

This emote right here pogchamp has been removed from the platform permanently. It will never return to twitch. Twitch themselves tweeted out about this. They saying,

Twitch Tweeted
Twitch Tweeted about PogChamp

So there you have it the person behind the pogchamp face has actually been encouraging further violence after what took place in the capital today. So now let’s go to their Twitter and read what violence they incited. This is Gootecks and he tweets out saying,

Gootecks Tweeted
Gootecks Tweeted

So there you have it Gootecks is essential insinuating and asking you know will there be civil unrest for the magqa martyr. Someone who died while trying to invade the capital.

Now, this is become an absolutely hot topic in terms of politics. We’re just here to deliver the news and let you know that pogchamp emote has been removed for these reasons. And we are curious to know what you think about it. Let us know this was a fair removal of the pogchamp emote…

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