Why Rat cut everything’s? Know the interesting thing of Rat!

Rat cut things

Many of us are impatient with rat infestation. Many things inside the house are destroyed by rat teeth. For this we have to resort to making various traps. Or to kill rats with poison.

But why do they bite things that are not their food?

This question was also in my mind as a child. It’s hard to find things that they don’t bite with their teeth. Even in most cases they are not their food!

While researching it, I found out that the front teeth of rats continue to grow for life. They cut different things and erode those teeth and keep them small. Those who do not keep their teeth short will die from their own teeth. This means that the teeth can come out through the mouth, even hitting their brain.

So do you now understand why rats cut household items? If you have any other valuable opinion please brief us in comment section. Thank You!

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