Why High Megapixel Camera’s aren’t used in Laptops

Laptop's Camera Megapixel

Looking at the high megapixels in the camera of smart phones, a question may arise in your mind, Why aren’t more megapixels cameras used in laptops? Today’s post is about this.

With less pixels in the laptop’s camera, there is not much of a problem, your 12, 48, 64 mega pixel phone camera also takes pictures and compresses it to 4, 8 or 16 mega pixels.

The difference is made when it comes to processing capabilities. The phone camera is directly connected to the main memory, so it can produce high-quality images by merging multiple frames in real time and at high speed. Laptop cameras, on the other hand, are usually connected to the motherboard via internal USB, while high speed data transfer, like phones, is not possible through this connection.

And laptop cameras are optimized for video only, so high-quality still-image processing algorithms are not implemented on it. Due to these limitations, even if you use an extra megapixel camera, the quality improvement will not be very noticeable.

In addition to the technical limitations, the commercial strategy also has a huge impact in this regard. A good camera can be a selling point of a phone, but the priority of a camera on a laptop is very low, it is unnecessary to invest extra behind it and if you do, it will unnecessarily increase the price of the laptop at the end of the day.

For these reasons, laptops do not use more megapixel cameras.

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