Why 4 Blades in American Fan, But 3 Blades in the Indian Subcontinent Fan?

American Fan

There is no telling how many things happen every day in the world, which always has an argument behind it. However, if you look closely, you will find a few facts that have sound scientific reasoning behind them.

For example, the number of Ceiling fan blades. Indian fan blades, that is, my-your home fan has three blades.

But in America, all the wings have four blades. Why? That is what I will tell you today. Don’t worry, the American fan has four blades for no reason. There is an irrefutable argument behind it.

In America, fans are mainly used as a replacement or ‘supplement’ for air conditioning. America is the coldest country in the world, almost all homes have air conditioners. In the United States, the fan of one’s home rotates much slower than the three-bladed Indian fan At the same time a lot of air mass has to cut those four blades. Fans are used in America to carry cold air around the house.

On the other hand, fans are used in the Indian subcontinent to be strong. Fans are used as a ‘stand-alone appliance’ in most homes, not AC. For which the Indian fan has to rotate faster than the American fan. That is why the native fan has three blades. So that the weight of the fan is lighter and can rotate faster.

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