WhatsApp Privacy at Risk? WhatsApp Sharing our personal Data with Facebook?

WhatsApp Privacy
Popular Messaging App WhatsApp is going to bring a lot of changes in their new update features. It is known that WhatsApp users will see the change from next February. Besides, they have brought some changes to their policies.
Under the new Whatsapp Privacy policy, WhatsApp will know all the information about the battery and signal of the users’ phone, which version of the app is being used, and where they are going.

In the meantime, WhatsApp users are being asked for permission to comply with these conditions. Users will not be able to use the app if they do not agree with this policy.

Under this new policy, WhatsApp will track all your locations. Anyone can turn off this location service if they want to.

On The New update of WhatsApp, Your information will be stored on WhatsApp. WhatsApp will be able to store the information it collects from users. So long as someone closes the WhatsApp account, the app deletes the stored data from the server. There is no way to do that now.

Some Rumors have spread through social media that WhatsApp will now be able to see users’ conversations. But Whatsapp authorities cleared up this rumor on their Verified Facebook page. They say that their privacy update does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends and family. Whatsapp continues to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption.

As well as new updates on WhatsApp has the facility to send messages to multiple devices using the same mobile number. You can now mute any video while playing on WhatsApp.

Video calls can now be made on desktop and web versions. This feature has been turned on in the Beta. However, WhatsApp authorities said that this feature will be added to all versions this year.

In this Update, WhatsApp users will get multi-device support. Users can use the same account on four devices simultaneously if they have a phone or other device on both Android and iOS platforms.

WhatsApp is bringing all the above-mentioned features in their new update.

After all, what is your opinion about the new policy of WhatsApp? is WhatsApp privacy still safe? Are you still using WhatsApp? or do you choose any other User-friendly, personal & secured messaging platform?

Tell us Your Opinion in the comment section & share this article with your friends. Stay Safe, Stay Secure.

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