What’s new in iOS 15 beta 4 and iPadOS beta 4

iOS 15 Beta 4

We are making great strides towards the official presentation of the new versions of Apple’s operating systems. A few hours ago, the Cupertino company released iOS 15 beta 4, iPadOS beta 4 and watchOS beta 4. So, if you are a programmer or have the version even if you are not, you can install these updates that bring some new features and fixes.

In fact, beta versions are optimizing operating systems as Apple receives feedback on the behavior of millions of devices with these betas. In addition to these versions, Apple has also released new versions macOS Monterey beta 4, and tvOS 15 beta 4.

iOS 15 has new version

Two weeks have passed since beta 3 and now we have beta 4. The pace is normal, as we are a few weeks away from the official presentation, which is expected to happen next September. So, after we know what new features will appear, the Cupertino company will “release” some of these functions while fixing natural bugs in the process.

As it appeared a few hours ago in Apple’s developer space, iOS 15 beta 4 and iPadOS 15 beta 4 are now available which can be downloaded over the air from Settings -> Software Update .

Although we are already in iOS 15 beta 4, the new version of Apple’s software will not be complete until the date of installation for all users, to happen, as mentioned, in the fall. Testers should still expect some performance and stability issues when running iOS 15 beta on their devices.

What’s new in iOS 15 beta 4 and iPadOS beta 4

  • Official support for the MagSafe Battery Pack.
  • Updated camera icon on lock screen remove shutter button to match updated camera app icon.
  • Updated Control Center Notes shortcut icon
  • Sharing focus status to individual contacts
  • New animated Smart Rotate Cues Icons and Widget
  • New Extra Large Podcasts Widget on iPad
  • New Home Screen Action for Shortcuts
  • New Icon for Notifications in Settings
  • New toggle to disable notification when using Screen Sharing or Screen Mirror
  • Rounded edges on the App Store account page
  • Improved Search interface in the Photos app
  • Possibility to share Memories in the Photos app
  • Safari brings many new features
    • Reload / stop button displayed
    • Share button on tab bar replaces ellipsis button
    • Holding down the URL bar provides the Show bookmarks option
    • Quickly invoke Address Bar Reader mode
    • Call up Reader mode in the tab overview
    • New preferences section in Safari Settings to switch between UI tab bar

In addition to these changes, there are adjustments that we are noticing as we use them in the most diverse day-to-day scenarios.

WatchOS 8 beta 4 also brings some new features

The public watchOS 8 beta testing program started last June 30 with beta 2. With watchOS 8 beta 2, Apple has brought out the new ‘Portraits’ display, which is one of the many features available in the upcoming operating system for the Apple Watch. With beta 3, on the other hand, Apple just fixed the bugs and provided a better overall experience.

WatchOS 8 includes, for example, new built-in applications that take advantage of the always-on screen used from the Apple Watch Series 5 onwards. There’s also a new way for programmers to access the always-on display.

With watchOS 8 coming this fall, here’s what else is new in this release:

  • There is a new version of the Breathing app, now called Mindfulness;
  • Respiratory rate is now measured during sleep monitoring;
  • Revised photographs with highlights and memoirs;
  • Photos can now be shared from the watch with the Messages or Mail app on watchOS 8;
  • Scribble now lets you include emoji in handwritten messages;
  • Application shelf in iMessage includes image search and quick access to photos;
  • Find now includes Objects (including AirTags);
  • Weather includes next hour’s precipitation;
  • Apple Watch can make multiple timers for the first time;
  • Tips are now available on the Apple Watch;
  • Music can be shared from Apple Watch via the Messaging app.


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