What is Third Party Apps? Is 3rd Party Apps Harmful?

Third party apps

You may have noticed that if you search a name of any app in the Play Store, you will find many more types of apps besides the official app that are made by other app developers. For example, if you search for the name of the Twitter app in the Play Store, you will find many other types of Twitter apps in addition to the Twitter app created by the Twitter Corporation, which are not apps developed by Twitter, but made by other developers who have nothing to do with Twitter.

They have used Twitter’s API to create similar apps that claim to have many more features than the official Twitter app. These types of apps are third party apps. Here I have used Twitter only as an example. This can be seen in almost all types of apps. For example, you will also find Instagram and Facebook apps created by third party developers that claim to have more features. Again, these apps are third party apps because they were not created by Facebook or Instagram.

Let me give you another example. We know that many of today’s new smartphones do not have the FM Radio app pre-installed. So if you want to listen to the radio, you have to go to the Play Store, search, install a radio app and listen to the radio. The third party radio app is the app that you download when you go to the Play Store. Or suppose you don’t like your phone’s default messaging app. So you searched the Play Store and downloaded another messaging app that has more features. This apps is a third party apps.

That is, third party apps are apps that third-party developers create for the same job, even if they already have a dedicated official app for same work or service.

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