What is Server? How Server works?

How Server Works with Browser

When we use the word “server” it means a person or medium that serves something. In the same way, in the digital world, a server is a computer that provides you with certain information or services. Everyone’s has a question what is server? & how server works?

A simple example would be YouTube’s servers. Suppose you search a video on YouTube. As a result, YouTube offered you some video suggestions. Then you choose a video of your choice and start watching. Then your question is where and how the video is coming to you. You can explain this question from the initial idea of ​​the server.

The answer is this:
Every time you search for your video on YouTube, your YouTube app sends a request to the YouTube server using your Internet. After processing the request sent by your app, the server sends all the necessary information to your mobile via internet. The YouTube app then arranges the information from the server in a specific way and presents it to you.

To understand how server works, you first need to know about the “Client-Server model”. So let’s find out what the Client-Server model is.


If we want to know about the client-server model, we must first understand in a good way what is CLIENT and SERVER.

  • Client: A client is a computer that is capable of receiving information or a specific service. In this model, the client machine usually requests data from the server and receives the data as a reply from the server.
  • Server: A server is a computer located away from a client that provides information in response to a request sent by a client.

So far we understand that the client accepts the data and The server provides the data that is present in its database.

Client-Server Model

The client needs certain way to connect to the server. The Internet is one of the most popular way today. Both the client and the server are connected to the Internet and exchange information among themselves through the Internet.

We cannot access the Internet directly on our mobile or computer, meaning we cannot communicate directly with the server. We need an Internet Browser to do this. Some of the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge.

We learned that if we want to access the server, we need to use a browser. Now we will know how the browser exchanges data from the server.

Interaction between Browser and Server

  • First we enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website or a specific file in the browser. The browser then requests to the DNS (Domain Name System) server.
  • DNS server then looks up the WEB server’s address.
  • DNS server then sends the browser the IP address of the WEB server.
  • Browser sends an HTTP / HTTPS request to the WEB server received from the DNS server.
  • WEB server sends all the necessary files in response to the browser’s request.
  • Browser renders all that information and displays it on your mobile or monitor. This rendering process is supported by DOM (Document Object Model) interpreter, CSS interpreter, JIT (Just in Time) compiler in the browser.

This is how server works. I hope I have been able to help you understand about how Server works by providing the necessary information. If you like this post don’t forget to share. 🙂

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