What is meant by Duty Free shopping at the Airport?

Duty Free Shop
Duty Free shopping at the airport is the purchase of retail products in a duty-free manner without local or national taxes.

A citizen of a country can buy a certain amount of goods and take it to his country without any additional tax. The amount of tax exemption a person can get depends on two factors.

  1. Where do you buy the product?
  2. Does the product contain tobacco or alcohol?

On Duty Free shops at the airport, you do not have to pay any tax at the local government or national level. In many cases tax is waived up to a certain amount of goods. If the amount exceeds the tax will have to be paid again.

Many airports have duty-free signs, But they impose a certain amount of duty. These tariffs also vary from country to country or region to country. In many cases, VAT has to be paid at the time of purchase of the product, which is later refunded to the buyer.

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