Vision-S 02 – Sony is Developing an Electric SUV to Rival Tesla and Apple

Interior of Sony Vision-S 02

The electric car market is booming, and during CES 2022 we learned that Sony is the latest tech giant to venture into the development of an electric-powered SUV.

The Japanese brand is already in the road testing phase of an SUV with the name Sony Vision-S 02, with the capacity to carry up to 7 passengers and designed to integrate a wide variety of lifestyles.

The first time Sony showed us the concept of this vehicle was in 2020, also during CES, but only now has it dared to completely lift the veil on the car that aims to rival the offerings of brands such as Tesla or even Apple.

Sony Vision-S 02 SUV focuses on Comfort, Technology and Audio

Like its predecessor, the Vision-S 02 is packed with LIDAR sensors capable of “feeling” three-dimensional space, something the brand considers vital for the driver assistance system. The person behind the wheel will be able to assess their external environment for greater safety and driving precision, keeping their attention focused in emergency situations.

The system interacts directly with the driver but is also capable of communicating with HMI (Human-Machine Interfaces) systems that allow those behind the wheel to hear external signals whenever deemed necessary.

The Vision-S 02 SUV is also equipped with several ToF (Time of Flight) sensors, partially used to “take care” of passengers. The system will also fulfill driver authentication functions and will be able to prevent unauthorized individuals from taking over the vehicle.

The Japanese manufacturer is thus the latest player in a market that has established Tesla as the most desired brand by consumers, but where technological giants like Apple will have a say in a few years.


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