Tesla stabs Intel and will use AMD Ryzen CPUs on Model Y


The dream of playing AAA HD titles in a car is getting closer and closer, especially now that Tesla will forego Intel processors in its entertainment and information system in favor of AMD’s Ryzen options.

For now, this change will only occur in Tesla Model Y available in the Chinese market, but a success of the partnership could lead to a generalization of AMD CPUs in electric vehicles of the Elon Musk brand.

Tesla has been working with the world’s top three semiconductor makers – Intel, AMD and Nvidia – using the latest chips in their older cars.Β The switch to Intel’s Atom took place with the arrival of Model 3 and more modern versions of Model X and Model S but it now seems that rival AMD steals another market from the blue team.

AMD ‘steals’ another market from Intel with Tesla’s help

Tesla is already turning to AMD’s offerings in Model S and X, now appearing to be about to complete the transition with this change in Model Y. The reason for the change is unknown and even causes some strangeness since AMD – unlike Intel – depends on TSMC for the manufacture of its chips.

TSMC has already admitted that it is struggling to manufacture AMD’s 7nm products as demand for its silicone is too high at a time when the world is still facing a crisis in the semiconductor supply chain.

Intel, on the other hand, has its own manufacturing facilities and would, on paper, be more than capable of doing the job as it manages to prioritize whoever it wants.

Therefore, this transition by Tesla may be exclusively related to performance issues, thus taking another step for their vehicles to function as a real gaming machine thanks to the AMD Ryzen APU with RDNA2 graphics.

Remember that it was Elon Musk himself who said that it would be possible to play Cyberpunk 2077 in the entertainment and information system of their cars, comparing their hardware to new generation consoles.

For now, the Tesla with AMD processors are exclusive to the Model Y in the Chinese market, it is not yet clear whether these changes will spread to the American or European markets.


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