Tesla: New Video Shows Hidden Detail of Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

A video posted on the Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club forum shows for the first time in detail a hidden detail of Elon Musk’s much-anticipated off-road vehicle. If you’ve never wondered how this authentic monster’s windshield wipers work, prepare to be surprised.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s front window cleaning system made news last month when a drone caught the electric vehicle doing a few laps at the American manufacturer’s test track in Fremont, California. Elon Musk commented at the time that the design of this system took him several hours of sleep, as it is a complex mechanism for a large glass.

The CEO said that the ideal would be to be able to collect the brush in the front trunk when it was not needed, but that this would be too complex. The video you can see below reveals the solution to this problem.

Tesla Cybertruck Should Arrive in 2023

The video subtitles indicate that we are dealing with a concept, so the final version may have some differences from what is currently being thought.

The Tesla Cybertruck was supposed to hit the market later this year, but apparently the launch will have been pushed to early 2023. The brand even removed references to 2022 from the Cybertuck page on its website, a clear indicator that the all-terrain will not arrive. on the scheduled date.


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