Sony launches New PS5 in Japan – It is 300gm lighter than Older PS5

Sony PS5

Sony launches a new version of the PS5 in Japan that is identical to the original except for one thing: it is 300 grams lighter.

Many things have been talked about the PS5, but one of the main debates was in its size : it was and is a large console. Many complained about those dimensions compared to those of a much more contained Xbox Series X, and in Sony they argued that guaranteeing the cooling of the components made that design necessary.

The funny thing is that Sony has launched a new version of the PS5 Digital Edition (without a Blu-ray drive) that is identical to the original except in one section: it is 300 grams lighter. The dimensions don’t change, so how have you lost weight?

The mystery case of the PS5 thinning

The new revision, with the model number CFI-1100B01 in Japan (the original was the CFI-1000B), has been confirmed with the appearance of a new manual on the official PlayStation website in that country.

According to that manual, the weight goes from 3.9 kg of the original PS5 Digital to 3.6 kg of the renewed version , and the only difference in its construction seems to be in a new type of screw and anchoring system to the vertical support.

With this new system it is not necessary a screwdriver or a coin to place this bracket. It doesn’t seem like that’s enough to reduce that weight, so some of the internals may have been revised or refined to achieve that weight loss .

The console is theoretically available from July 20, but it does not seem that it has appeared in stores at the moment . When you do, it is likely that internal analyzes of this model will appear with which it will be possible to find out what changes you have made.

It’s too early to talk about ‘Slim’ versions

In the past we have already seen how the launches of the original Microsoft and Sony consoles were followed long after by re-releases with more stylized ‘Slim’ versions and with improvements in both design and cooling and, of course, in components and features.

The original PS4 was followed in September 2016 by the new PlayStation 4 (which was never called PS4 Slim) and which appeared alongside the PlayStation 4 Pro.


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