Samsung Quick Share Feature Coming on Windows PC!

Samsung Quick Share
Samsung Quick Share feature which was rumored to be made available on windows pc’s by Microsoft.

This feature Samsung Quick share is offered by Samsung for short distance file sharing service. This is a very easy and convenient way of transferring huge files between Samsung devices. You don’t need a data cable or anything to transfer the files. You just need to search for the devices to which you want to share the data, which of course happens through Bluetooth and then the connection will be established between the devices via wi-fi direct.

This is a great feature which is already there on Samsung phones and we can easily transfer files between Samsung phones. But this particular feature was supposed to be landing on Microsoft windows pc’s as well which would have made the file sharing between the phone and the pc flawless.

Imagine! You don’t connect a data cable or you don’t have to upload it to a particular drive and download it via wi-fi; all you need to do is just tap on share search for the pc you want to transfer it to and send the files. And in a jiffy you will be able to transfer those files onto the system.

Now Samsung Quick Share feature was rumored to land on all the windows pc’s, but it looks like Samsung is keeping this exclusively for Samsung books which are recently launched. As of now there is no word from Samsung or Microsoft on releasing this quick share feature for all windows pc’s.

samsung quick share on windows

For now it is not a great news for us since it is exclusive to Samsung’s pc’s. I’m hoping that Microsoft and windows will work together to release this feature on all the windows devices.

As you all know that Microsoft and Samsung have partnered to offer seamless connectivity between the phone and the pc where they are already offering features like link to windows, notes integration etc.

I’m hoping that this particular Samsung quick share feature will also be made available for us or it may remain limited to Samsung’s ecosystem only. So let’s wait and see how it’s gonna go as of now this feature is already available on Samsung’s pro books.

That’s all for today. If you find this post informative let me know in the comment section and stay with us for all new tech updates.


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