Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 | Z flip 3 – Official Look

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung definitely has a lot of devices coming that will compete for consumers’ attention and wallets, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are going to be the two devices that are going to sit right at the top. We’re still around 40 days away from the Unpacked event but almost everything about the handsets has been revealed already.

We’ve seen renders, concept videos, and many more. But today in a major leak, the official look of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 have been revealed which shows these unreleased products in all their glory.

Interestingly, it also makes you question,

did Samsung just cut a major feature of the Galaxy Z Fold 3?
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But first, take a look at these beautiful renders. Not that these are coming straight from Samsung that they will use in their marketing materials. It shows the Galaxy Z Fold 3 alongside an S-Pen that has “Fold Edition” written on it, basically  confirming that S Pen support is present. The S Pen actually looks bigger and that’s  due to the fact that the phone doesn’t have a dedicated slot for it just like the S21 Ultra

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 looks slimmer than its predecessor, and the cameras don’t have a huge bump like the Z Fold 2 which is really appreciated. We also have the image of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 sporting a dual-tone design. If you’ve been following our website then nothing here is really surprising because we already knew how these devices are supposed to look. But what is surprising though is the presence of this on the inner display of the Z Fold 3.

I mean several reports and even the official  trailer leaked in the past have claimed that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be Samsung’s first device to  feature an in-display selfie camera. However, the image clearly shows a selfie camera punch-hole  like last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2. So it makes  you wonder is Samsung cutting this feature out for some reason?

Well, not really. Samsung has deliberately shown the camera even though it’s hidden beneath the display. Max Winebach has given some insight on this. He says Samsung did this in order for average consumers to think there’s a camera in  there. Since you can’t see the camera people who are not into tech could assume it doesn’t have one like Huawei’s Mate X2.

Since we’re new to this technology, they had to remind people that it has a camera in there. So don’t worry Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have the under-display camera.

With that said, we have some major news on the Galaxy S21 FE. A few days ago we heard that Samsung has postponed the release of the handset to Q4 of this year which means the earliest we could see the handset will be in October. But now, we’re getting reports from South Korea that the handset will only be launched in just a couple of markets.

According to this Korean media, the S21 FE will be launched in October in the US and Europe which means the handset may  not be released in Asia, Canada, Japan, Australia, and even in their own home turf South Korea.

Chip shortage

The reason mentioned is the global chip shortage. Now what’s not mentioned here is whether they are going to do limited sales in the US and Europe at first and launch the handset in other markets later or are they going to cancel the handset   altogether in other markets?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


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