Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Full Detailed Introduction

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 aren’t the only devices scheduled to launch in August. Samsung will also launch their new smartwatches as well as the new Bluetooth earphones. Today we have our first look at both of these devices as well as a new feature on the Galaxy watch 4 that will one-up the Apple watch.

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First up, here is the official look at the Galaxy Watch 4. These are the marketing materials that Samsung will use to promote the watch. If you notice, you can’t see the rotating bezel here, a signature feature of the Galaxy Watch. Well, that’s because it looks like Samsung is merging the Galaxy Watch and watch active series.

Earlier it was expected that Samsung would launch both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Active 4 in August. But this confirms that only the Galaxy watch 4 is coming, and there might not be a separate Active model at all. Besides the different name, the design appears to be a hybrid of the current Galaxy Watch and Watch Active, with Samsung making it seem more like the Active watch.

Samsung Watch

This may disappoint people who love the regular Galaxy Watch series. I mean people loved it for two reasons.
A) The rotating bezel. It has always felt like Samsung’s secret weapon in the smartwatch battle. It is, without question, the best input device. No one, not even Apple’s crown, comes close. And
B) It was popular partially because it was easy to mistake for a traditional analog watch at a distance. So really disappointed to learn that they are scrapping the regular watch series.

New Features of Galaxy Watch 4

Anyway, the Galaxy Watch 4 will feature a BIA sensor. BIA is a Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis that enables users to easily measure their body fat percentage in relation to the lean body mass. The sensor reads the impedance of a low voltage current sent through the body. It then uses this data to estimate whether the user is lean or obese based on the different electrical resistance qualities that bones, muscle, and fat have. While BIA sensors are common in smart weighing scales, it looks like Samsung will be the first company to add one to a smartwatch.

Galaxy watch 4 all color

The watch 4 will have a 5nm processor and will run Google’s brand new Wear OS instead of Tizen.

With that being said, here is the official first look at the Galaxy Buds 2 revealing their design and color options. It looks similar to the Galaxy Buds Pro with a rounded square case and curvy earbuds but Unlike the Buds Pro, the Galaxy Buds 2 might not feature Active Noise Cancellation.

  • Galaxy Buds 2 black
  • Galaxssy Buds 2
  • Samsung Buds 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Color

The mobile world congress is taking place on June 28th where Samsung is expected to talk about the new WearOS and Tizen OS collaboration and revealing some new features of the new wearOS. But don’t expect any hardware announcements. The watch 4 and buds 2 will likely be launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 in August.


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