Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Next level Camera Technology

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

So the Galaxy S21 Ultra won the best smartphone of the year award at Mobile World Congress and it will remain at the peak of the Galaxy S series for another Six-months or so before it will be replaced by the Galaxy S22 Ultra which is likely to be launched in January 2022.

The S21 Ultra has one of the best camera setups out there and according to the credible information we have so far, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will only take it to a new level.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera

However, there was this rumor going around that Samsung might use a 200MP sensor on its next flagship. It originated when Samsung’s Exynos handle suggested that a 200MP sensor will debut sometime soon. I mentioned a couple of months ago in an article that why Samsung might not use a 200MP sensor for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and today, Ice Universe is sort of confirming that Samsung is indeed not going to use this sensor for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Instead, Samsung will be polishing the software algorithms that manage its latest third-gen 108MP sensor. This is actually good news. Sure, there’s no denying that 200MP is a massive, grabby number that stands out in an ad. But it also means a smaller Pixel size. Like a crowded fraternity basement, a small, high-megapixel phone sensor creates images mired by discoloration and noise. They may be large images, in terms of the JPEG you view on your screen, but they’re not precise, beautiful images.

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Even the 108MP is massive but the good thing is Samsung has optimized the camera software to the point that this 108MP camera takes one of the best pictures out there. So it only makes sense for them to work on improving its performance with further optimizations rather than using a completely new sensor and start from scratch.

With that said, Sony’s recent flagship the Xperia 1 III has some great camera hardware, it even features some camera tech we haven’t seen before in any of the smartphones. But there’s a famous saying in the tech world that it isn’t the hardware but the software where all the magic happens.

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That holds especially true for the Xperia 1 III because it’s failing to compete with the best phones out there in the camera department. A YouTube channel named Golden reviewer pits Sony’s best against the S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max and in almost every situation the Xperia 1 III falls behind the other two phones which is a big reminder to Sony that while it’s good to have some crazy tech inside your phone but if the phone isn’t optimized to make better use of that hardware then it all means absolutely nothing.

Anyway, there was some confusion regarding the Unpacked Event date for the foldables. Some said it is going to be on August 3rd while others said it’s going to be on August 11th. Turns out the latter is true. Ice universe confirms that the event will take place on August 11th where Samsung will unveil the Z Fold 3, Flip 3, the Watch 4, and the Buds 2.

Talking about the buds, contrary to previous information the wearable will actually have active noise cancellation.


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