Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaks – Disappointing Camera Improvements

Galaxy S22 Ultra

We are still many months away from the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but there are already many rumors and leaks of information about its specifications.

For some time, expectations were set at a very high level with regard to their cameras. Some of the initial rumors pointed to the presence of a phenomenal 200 megapixel sensor, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

According to the latest information provided by the leaker Ice Universe, it still won’t be the first smartphone from the brand to debut this mysterious sensor. Its history of information about Samsung is quite reliable, leading us to believe that these might actually be the details of the next high-end cameras.

Possible details about the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • Enhanced 108 megapixel HM3 main sensor
  • Ultra wide-angle lens with 12 megapixel Sony sensor
  • Periscope lens with new 10 megapixel Sony sensor
  • Telephoto lens with new 10 megapixel Sony sensor

With regard to its design, several possible designs have already circulated that leave users dreaming. One of the brand’s great promises is the integration of the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which could mean the definitive closure of the Galaxy Note line.

For some years now, the Galaxy Note line has ceased to make sense, especially since smartphone screens in general reached historic dimensions. With this trend, the Galaxy Note started to stand out just for having the S Pen. Now, with its official arrival on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, that will no longer happen.


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