Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could come with Best Smartphone Zoom Camera!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Could be bringing its next big camera upgrade that will absolutely blow your mind. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have several new technology’s that we’ve never seen before.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could have world best powerful zoom camera

Ice Universe just dropped a big bomb shell of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks on Weibo. Samsung would be bringing the word strongest zoom camera setup on any smartphone. Thanks to a brand new continuous zoom setup. A continuous zoom setup will be similar to the zoom of a DSLR Camera, which allows you to seamlessly zoom without losing any quality. This is now gonna happen on an actual Smartphone.

S21 Ultra ZoomThis common reflexes limitation we’ve seen on the zoom setup of the S21 Ultra. On the S21 Ultra the zoom only kicks in up to a certain level. For Example up to 3x or up to 10x. In between those numbers Samsung is using hybrid software technology to get out of extra noise¬† and get that detail. But always the result isn’t all that good, plus you have just two focal lenses. They had to implement two telephoto lenses.

So according to Ice Universe, if all goes well Samsung will fix this once and for all. It is expected that the continuous zoom will go from 3x all the way up to 10x seamlessly and it will be all optical meaning you are not gonna lose quality on any of the numbers in between.

This tech will be miles ahead of the competition and its going to absolutely blow your mind. And by the way just to remind you Sony actually did something like this already on their Xperia 1III. It goes to 2x range to 4x range without losing any quality. But Samsung is try to bring 3x all the way up to 10x cover that extreme range.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could contain AMD GPU and feature an under display selfie camera

Apart from the world strongest continuous zoom setup on the smartphone Samsung is looking to bring the under display camera’s well. There is something that we’ve already seen on the Z Fold 3. Its officially confirmed.

Under Display Selfie Camera

By the time, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes out Samsung will already be on its next generation under display camera tech. I’m super curious to see how this under panel camera perform.



And last but certainly not the least the most awaited Samsung xAMD collaboration will finally happen. For the first time AMD GPU inside of smartphone with the Exynos 2200 Processor. The Galaxy S22 Series will get announce in 2022. But this processor will get announce later this year.

Also, Samsung has officially announced a brand new technology, they will make future smartphone chip faster and efficient. This new technology is called ‘I-Cube4’. Basically what they says is that, a single chip can have up to 4 HBM. Which is more than the previous version. At the same time it can have multiple logic units. In Simple word this new integrated design will make everything a lot more efficient and make the chip lot more faster. Combining with AMD GPU you’re looking at the most craziest smartphone processor setup.

I’m looking forward to see how this Exynos AMD chip will stack up against the best of Apple which is going to be the Apple A15 coming later down this year.

That’s all the latest news of Samsung S22 Ultra. Let me know your feedback about the world best camera Smartphone in comment section.


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