Samsung Galaxy S21 and variants disappoint in sales compared to their predecessors

Galaxy S21 Series
Galaxy S21 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup represents the best that the South Korean manufacturer has to offer to the smartphone market in 2021 and, equally, it continues to be a reference in the Android world. With the quality presented by the three devices in the series, good sales results were expected. But these results are currently not being verified.

According to analysts at Kiwoom Securities , Samsung executives are disappointed with the sales results of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and its variants. During the first six months on the market, the top-of-the-line smartphones for 2021 reached 13 million units sold, a number that falls short of the expected results, as they represent a 20% drop compared to the Galaxy S20 line and one still most serious drop of 46% over the Galaxy S10 in 2019.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series promised a lot in the first month of sales

Galaxy S21

Despite the current dissatisfaction with sales results, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series made an excellent start, with sales in the first month which, in South Korea alone, reached 580 thousand units, being just short of the 620,000 units sold by the Galaxy S8 in the month following its debut.

Incidentally, the instant sales success also extended to global markets, with the milestone of one million Galaxy S21 units sold being reached in the first month of sales. However, this success didn’t pack for the next five months, as the 10 million mark was only reached five months after launch.

Counterpoint’s comparative chart below allows us to notice that, in recent months, sales have been around two million monthly, with a tendency to gradually decline, which does not leave good prospects for a paradigm shift.

With the bad results of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and with the confirmation that the Galaxy Note line will not have a new model in 2021, Samsung will bet all the chips on the two new folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, with the price the latter will place it as a competitor to smartphones such as the Galaxy S21 and its variants.

Despite the drop in interest in the main top of the range Samsung, the truth is that the South Korean manufacturer registered a good number of sales in the second quarter of 2021, reaching 58 million units sold, 4 million more than in 2020. These numbers may translate into greater public interest in affordable smartphones, which has also been an area where Samsung has been betting on strength (the Galaxy A and Galaxy M lines are good value for money and have options for every budget).


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