Samsung Galaxy G – Gaming Smartphone with AMD

Gaming Smartphone
Samsung might do something they have never done before. Samsung has yet to tap in it’s in the gaming smartphone market. There has never been a better time in history for a Samsung branded gaming smartphone than now because of AMD, they can seriously make an insane gaming smartphone.

So this news is because of the recent trademark that Samsung filed that shows that they are probably working on a gaming smartphone. Courtesy of Letsgodigital, we’ve got two brand new trademarks one says activate fan mode and then there’s a new one that was filed just a few days ago which says unleash your fan power.

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Judging from the trademarks it seems like Samsung could indeed bring a gaming smartphone with a big fan and enhance cooling system in the future. Samsung flagship smartphones have great hardware but it’s definitely not going to beat a full-fledged fake gaming phone with a huge fan and cooling system when it comes to long-term gaming.

It doesn’t matter what variant of Galaxy S21 Ultra you have long hours of gaming sessions especially in this summer heat these phones will get hot and their ability to not throttle is definitely going to be affected compared to a traditional gaming smartphone with a full-fledged cooling fan system.

So like I mentioned there’s never been a better time for Samsung and AMD and they’re cooking something big. We’ve heard that there could be more than one Exynos processor with AMD graphics.

We’ve got a massive confirmation regarding the google silicon coming from the software code for the upcoming pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro. As we know google silicon is happening for the first time. I talked about this in the previous video that Google might be using Exynos 1080 combined with their own camera ISP and their own pixel neural engine on top.

Well we’ve got some confirmation coming from XDA, they found this in the source code that google is indeed using a Mali gpu same as the Galaxy S21 series on the upcoming pixel 6 family. We’re not sure if it’s a 14 core or 24 core version we’re not sure about the clock speed but it is indeed the Mali G78 graphics.

Now this is definitely good news because it is indeed a flagship GPU and personally I’m very satisfied with the gaming performance of the Exynos 2100 model of the S21 family.

In my opinion the Pixel 6 family will do just fine especially with pure Android 12 on top where there’s better CPU and GPU management and faster animations the gaming performance will be miles better than what they did last year.

So judging from the Mali GPU and the fact that this chip is built on Samsung’s five nanometer architecture. It’s very likely it could be the Exynos 1080 chip with Google’s own stuff on top.

Honor 50

Now lastly previously owned Huawei’s sub brand Honor is making a big comeback with google services. One of the most interesting things about these phones is that the Honor 50 pro plus could offer 100 watts super fast charging. That is an absolute monstrous number when it comes to fast charging along with google services.

Honor will be using for the first time QUALCOMM’s latest flagship the Snapdragon 888, although Huawei doesn’t own Honor anymore but if you look at the design it looks very similar to the upcoming Huawei P50 pro.

Hopefully we can see the same tech because with google services this could actually be a really good deal.


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