Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold: See the Design of Unique Foldable Smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold

Last year we saw Samsung surprise again with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, one of the best folding smartphones ever. However, the manufacturer’s real secret weapon is yet to be revealed, and it could come under the name of Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold.

Information about this new device is still scarce and not very concrete, but a newly discovered patent gives us a good idea of ​​what it may have to offer when it comes to its design. The patent was discovered by the Lets Go Digital website , which, as we have seen, also published the schematics that show us a dream design.

Galaxy Dual Fold

This new patent focuses not only on a 2-fold system, but also on the integration of the very popular S Pen. With the presence of a large screen, the addition of support for the S Pen seems to be the perfect choice to maximize the level of productivity.

However, it has not yet been clarified how the Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold will be able to avoid the main weakness of folding smartphones to date, the fragility of its folding screen. So far, all devices have permanent damage when pressed… it seems difficult that the S Pen does not end up achieving the same result.

Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold-1200x1308

Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold Could Arrive with “Two Holes” for a Unique S Pen Integration

The Galaxy Note line got us used to seeing a discreet integration of the S Pen, which had a dedicated slot in the body of the smartphone, being practically invisible when stored. In a foldable smartphone, this does not seem to be an option due to space limitations created by the various folding mechanisms and respective hardware of the device.

However, with the 2-fold system Samsung seems to have found the perfect solution. While fully folded, the Galaxy Dual Fold has “two back panels” that meet. Thus, by creating a slot in each of them, the S Pen will gain a very special place where it can be safely stored while the smartphone is closed.

There is still no information about possible presentation dates for the Samsung Galaxy Dual Fold, nor what its specifications may be. However, more information is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.


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