Samsung Galaxy A 2022 with Exynos & AMD Collaboration

Samsung Galaxy A 2022
Samsung is working hard in order to create the best Exynos Chip ever the Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU. it will be used inside the Galaxy S22 series but Samsung could be planning something huge for its next Galaxy A 2022 lineup. Yes this is an absolute insane rumor coming out of South Korean sources again. Not a leak it’s a rumor at the moment. Source mentions that next year’s mid-range Exynos processor could use AMD GPU’s rather than Mali GPU’s.

AMD GPU on a mid-range Exynos processor will bring some significantly huge performance gains when it comes to the graphical performance compared to the current Mali GPU’s on the current Exynos chip.

As for the CPU’s Samsung is remembered to be testing out three different versions of this mid-range Exynos processor with three different clock speed depending on the price range. For example higher end models like Galaxy A73 next year could use the highest end version of this mid-range Exynos chip along with AMD graphics.

Now again this is a very early rumor right now but Samsung could potentially do something big with the Galaxy A series next year. One of the weakest thing about Samsung’s hottest mid-range phones this year is definitely their chipset the Snapdragon 720G.

If Samsung actually brings AMD GPU to its mid-range galaxy series next year it’s gonna put them on a whole new level compared to their competition.

Now talking about Foldable devices, Samsung has trademarked some brand new terms including Samsung UTG plus, UTG 2.0, Dragonglass and Samsung S UTG. I’m pretty sure one of these terms will be used in the marketing for the next generation ultra thin glass that we’re gonna see on the Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3.

Dragon glass sounds really cool but it’s a bit far-fetched considering it’s a foldable display it’s definitely not going to be as strong as a traditional smartphone glass.

Anyway, Samsung filed brand new trademarks for two names that could be used for their slidable smartphone. First one is Z-Roll and the second one is Z Slide. Let me know in the comment section below what you think sounds better but personally I love to see the Note Z name used for this rollable smartphone. I absolutely think that this phone can be that perfect Note comeback. But regardless of what name Samsung actually decides to use for this phone we’re gonna be seeing this coming soon in 2022.

  • Samsung-UTG
  • Samsung-UTG-2.0
  • Samsung-S-UTG
  • Samsung-Dragon-Glass-1

Also in the news global chip shortage is a huge problem and it’s finally hitting Samsung where it hurts. According to the news Samsung is struggling to produce chips for its galaxy A lineup which of course as we know are the absolute key smartphones when it comes to the sales. Both Snapdragon 720g and Snapdragon 750g chips are using Samsung’s 8 nanometer processors and right now it’s all struggle. It’s one of the reason why the Galaxy A72 5g is not available to purchase in the US.

So this is definitely a huge problem, Again we’ll see how Samsung survives this.


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