PS5 owners can get 6 months of free Apple TV Plus!

Apple TV Plus on PS5

Partnership between Apple and Sony offers PlayStation 5 owners six months of Apple TV Plus, simply by entering the service’s app on the console with the Apple ID.

Sony and Apple have announced a partnership that aims to offer a six-month period of free access to Apple TV Plus on the latest console in the PlayStation family. The offer can be obtained until July 22, 2022 and, after six months, the user can cancel the subscription, or keep it by paying the monthly fee in force at that time.

On the page dedicated to the offer, the two companies highlight the debut of the new season of Ted Lasso, with Jason Sudeikis and the adaptation of Asimov Foundation, but there is still Problem with Jon Stewart that starts soon or the two seasons of Mythic Quest.

At a time when the streaming platform war continues, partnering with Sony could allow Apple to bring in more users. For Sony, the agreement allows more content to be made available on the console, also increasing the PS5’s attractiveness.
This offer is available in several countries.

Apple’s streaming service receives new original series and movies every month, which you can now watch from the Apple TV+ app available for the PS5.

The free extended offer is valid for the 6 months following subscription to the service, subsequently having an associated cost of €4.99. Even with a catalog far from offering the diversity of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Plus manages to provide some great quality offers and even better when it doesn’t involve the payment of a monthly fee.

How to Unlock 6 months of Apple TV Plus on your PS5 Console

To redeem the offer, PS5 players need only have a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID (which you can create if you don’t already have one). Then just follow these steps:

  1. Find the Apple TV app in the search bar on your PlayStation 5 console or in “All Apps” on the media content home screen.
  2. Download and open the Apple TV app and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID  or create an  Apple ID if you don’t already have one.
  4. Enjoy Your Six Months Free of  Apple TV Plus.

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