Pixel 6 Pro: Google Tensor’s first details revealed by Geekbench

Google Pixel 6 pro

Google gave the technology market a first look at its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in August , which revealed the design for both devices, as well as the processor that will equip them and even the alignment of the cameras.

Today we came to talk about the processor. As is well known, the new pair of smartphones will be equipped by Google Tensor, a processor thought and designed by Google and which will be manufactured by Samsung. Well, this Monday we can know the first details about the Tensor, through a famous test bench.

Pixel 6 Pro pass through Geekbench reveals interesting Google Tensor configuration

The curiosity about the new processor from Google is a lot, as the company will have to customize this chip according to their needs for the new smartphones. This will be a processor with great focus on image processing and artificial intelligence, but it should also ensure a respectful performance, as Google will want its smartphones to keep up with the other top-of-the-range in the market.

Thus, a prototype unit of Google Pixel 6 Pro was recently caught in Geekbench 5, where it reveals results that, despite the low scores, make us aware of the structure of the Google Tensor processor.

Looking at the CPU, you can see that the four high-performance cores are split into two pairs. The latest processors from both Qualcomm and Samsung carry this distinction with a Cortex-X1 core standing out from the rest as a way to boost single-core performance, but it seems unlikely that Samsung, which will make the Tensor, will be able to allow it. Google use two Cortex-X1 on the same processor.


Thus, the various sources guarantee that we will be here in the presence of four Cortex-A78 cores, two of which run at a frequency of 2.80 GHz, while the second pair runs at a frequency of 2.25 GHz. For better battery management, we have also four efficient Cortex-A55 cores, running at a clock of 1.80 GHz. The GPU is the Mali-G78, the same used in the Exynos 2100 of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

In the test it is even possible to notice that Pixel 6 Pro will have a version with 12GB of RAM and will arrive with Android 12, as Google itself has taken advantage of to promote smartphones. As for the test results, which are well below what can be expected from a high-end processor in 2021, it should be noted that this is a pre-production unit, so it is almost certain that the Geekbench score will be different in the version Final.


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