OnePlus 9T is coming – The Perfect Smartphone

Oneplus 9T
OnePlus will be announcing the OnePlus 9T smartphone late this year. The T series is always like something new, something value for money cause the pricing of CPU goes down by then and OnePlus often launched new design and new features with the T series.

You all know the OnePlus 9 series is on the expensive side and so is the Galaxy S21 series and Xiaomi MI 11 family and the reason is current CPU cost, components cost and pandemic going on. So many are waiting for the OnePlus 9t flagship and S20 FE max out specs at low price and from the initial information i have i can tell you guys 9T is gonna be an amazing device.

News coming in from Chinese social media website Weibo Samsung is supplying OnePlus with an E4 flexible Amoled display with amazing colors and 1500 knights of peak brightness. Exciting part is it does support LTPO variable rate, something we saw in the OnePlus 9 pro. He says this displays for OnePlus 9T. He also said they are still using a 1080p display which is fine because it does save battery and QHD is reserved for pro Flagships not only OnePlus but Samsung too.


The initial leak says OnePlus 9T may feature a 1080p E4 flexible Amoled display with LTPO variable rate. Just like the OnePlus 8T and 7T series 9T will ship with the latest OS which is going to be Oxygen OS 12 that time.

The Oxygen OS 12 is coming with some mind blowing features like theme support, fps counter, ultra power saving mode and of course all these stock add-ons which google made official a few days back. They’ll also work on new animation so tons of features and changes are in the works.

OnePlus already gave an official hint that they are working on bionic front facing camera for wide view and tiny punch hole display. Not to mention it is official that the future devices are coming with Hasselblad hardware not just software.

Some news coming in for those waiting for the nord series. The oneplus Nord 2 with codename dennis and oneplus Nord N20 got bia certification which means they are coming really soon.

The Nord 2 has model DN2101 and Nord N20 has model EB2101. Yet the Nord 2 is coming with dimension 1200 flagship cpu and mediatek gave an official confirmation that oneplus is partnering with them so yeah it is gonna be the first ever oneplus device with flagship MTK cpu.

I have gotten exclusive information on a new low budget OnePlus phone DE 2117 and DE 218 likely coming with snapdragon 480 CPU and do support high refresh rate.


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