OnePlus 9 | OnePlus 9 Pro release date & specification

OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro

So, the name of the game of this years OnePlus flagship are. Yes! you guessed it right. The Camera’s; And many leaks and renders of the OnePlus 9 series have come out. I will tell you about those in details today.

OnePlus 9 series will be launch officially in 23 March. In this launch he OnePlus 9 series will have Three Devices named as OnePlus 9 Pro , OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9R.

The major hype that was spreading like wildfire before this launch is the OnePlus 9’s camera system. Specially the partnership between Hasselblad and OnePlus. OnePlus has announced an investment agreement with Hasselblad for the next three years. In which OnePlus has invested more than 150M Dollars to further build out its mobile imaging capability.Hasselblad & OnePlus

From 1941, Hasselblad one of the major camera’s and lenses manufacturers. Although after the Japanese companies like Nikon and Canon appears on the global seen. Hasselblad’s main target was on high-end and medium format cameras. Hasselblad’s camera remains a part of many iconic moments.

Moon Apollo 11
Historic Moment captured by Hasselblad Camera

For example, When the first person puts his step on the moon, as part of the Apollo 11 moon mission, it was the Hasselblad camera that capture that historic moment. Before the moon landing a Hasselblad camera click the first spacewalk in 1965. The color processing of the Hasselblad camera completely projects the real life color. For this, Nasa also uses Hasselblad camera for space photography. The company also produces camera for normal user. But it is very expensive which general user cannot afford.

Now, on paper the specs of OnePlus devices quite solid but in camera’s sector it stumbles bit. So in the OnePlus 9 series, with Hasselblad OnePlus developed some new color science. Which is tune photos in software level and give user a best smartphone camera experience. This time, with this camera, OnePlus is moving away from the Midrange flagship and joining the true flagship range.


On the OnePlus 9 Pro, you get the quad rear camera setup. In which, it has custom developed Sony IMX789 sensor as a main sensor. This sensor exclusively made for OnePlus 9 Series. That means you will not see this sensor in any other smartphone’s brand.

Camera of OnePlus 9 Pro

In this sensor you will get dual native ISO, so that it can produces better dynamic image quality by combining dual images of different ISO. This sensor can capture 12 Bit Raw images. Now the latest iPhone camera can capture photos in 10 Bit. So can you imagine? 12 Bit! also in Raw, How much will be competing.

This sensor include Sony’s digital overlap HDR feature, so that it can capture many exposures together. Because this process is very fast so you will not see any ghosting issue in the moving object and it can record HDR video also. It can record 4k videos at 120Fps and support’s real time HDR video processing.

Its ultra wide lens is gonna be the Sony IMX 766. It will be a free form lens. Which is distortion that is to say, you may saw in ultra wide lens, a fish eye effect occurs that the image becomes stretched. It can reduces this distortion up to 22/1%.

In addition to the 9 Pro, OnePlus Standard Edition will be OnePlus 9. In it you will see the triple rear camera setup.


If you talk about display and design, you will understand by looking at the teasers and photos of OnePlus 9 series, the major change in the design language is only in the camera sector. On the back panel you will get the signature of OnePlus, just like OnePlus 8 Pro.

Now we also have some official renders of the color variants, in which you’ll get 3 color variants in OnePlus 9 Pro. Black, Silver and Green. Also 3 color options available in standard OnePlus 9. Violet, Blue and Black.

From the Front side OnePlus 9 series absolutely became identical, following last year OnePlus 8. There will be a hole punch selfie camera both devices front side.

Display Features

Display of OnePlus 9 ProOnePlus 9 Pro comes with a 6.7″ Quad HD+ Amoled Display which Refresh Rate is 120Hz. This time the display of 9 Pro looks like Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra. A slight curved seen in side areas. This display Is about to be LTPO, HDR10+, which does variable refresh rate to save some battery.

Display of OnePlus 9Standard OnePlus 9 features 6.5″ with 90Hz Refresh Rate amoled panel. Its resoulation will be Full HD+. The display of OnePlus 9 become flat style. If you dont like curved display then OnePlus 9 will be the best option.



Snapdragon 888 ProcessorBoth devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, with 5G support.


Battery Capacity

OnePlus 9 Pro & Standrad OnePlus 9 has a 4,500mAh battery. Both phones support 65w warp charging. And 9 Pro also support 50w wireless charging. A 65w warp charger will be included in the box of two phones.

Storage & RAM

These phones comes with LPDDR5 RAM, which is fastest mobile RAM. For Storage both phones comes with up to 256GB of  UFS 3.1 storage.

OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro price,

OnePlus 9 starts at approximately 44,999Rs for the 6GB + 128 GB variant. And OnePlus 9 Pro Priced at 57,999Rs for the 8GB + 128GB base variant.

By the way, how do you like OnePlus 9 series? must share your opinion in comments. Thanks for stay with us.

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