Nvidia Prepares to Launch of RTX 3090 TI

RTX 3090 TI

Immune to the controversy in which it is involved due to the intention to buy the British chip maker ARM, Nvidia is finalizing the launch of an RTX 3090 TI, which may well arrive as early as January 2022.

The company led by Jensen Huang is simultaneously developing its next generation of graphics cards, but the huge profits arising from the pandemic scenario and the scarcity of semiconductors – with consequent price increases – make it profitable to put another one on the market. GPU that few will be able to buy.

The RTX 3090 TI will be an upgrade over what is already the most powerful graphics card on the market, hitting shelves with 21GB of VRAM memory and 10,752 CUDA cores. The remaining specifications should not change from the current RTX 3090.

RTX 3090 Ti and RTX 3050 may arrive in January But You Won’t be Able to Buy

Given how powerful the RTX 3090 is, this news only means that the Ti version will be an incremental leap forward and not a much more powerful GPU than its predecessor. It is still unclear when the launch will be, but it could very well happen as early as January 2022 during CES.

Nvidia is also preparing the launch of an RTX 3050 for the first quarter of next year, a solution for those on a tighter budget and don’t want to spend thousands of euros on a graphics card like the RTX 3090 Ti.

In the first quarter of 2022 Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards also arrive, so perhaps this cadence of releases is another demonstration of power by Nvidia in relation to a new competitor that intends to enter this market niche in strength.

Experts predict that the component shortage will last until mid-2023, so an avalanche of releases doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll finally be able to update your PC or replace that broken component.


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