[New] Xiaomi Flagship with 200 Megapixel Under display Camera

Xiaomi Flagship
Xiaomi has released so many phones in 2021 including budget phones, mid-range phones, Xiaomi flagship phones, even a foldable smartphone and guess what they’re not done yet. Their absolute flagship phone is the MI11 Ultra. But there will be something even beyond that that could potentially be seen as a Galaxy S22 ultra rival.

According to a massive leak coming via Digital Chat Station next big Xiaomi flagship phone could pack a under display camera, 120 watt fast charging and ultra wideband technology. If this phone is in the works then it will possibly pack the latest snapdragon chip which is rumored to be the Snapdragon 888 plus. Along with that if Samsung does announce its 200 megapixel smartphone sensor later down the year it might be coming to a Xiaomi flagship phone for the first time.

UnderDisplay Camera

Xiaomi Flagship is once again trying to beat Samsung. As we know under display camera a possible 200 megapixel sensor. All these features are rumored for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. So if this phone actually packs that then this is sort of a galaxy S22 ultra rival. It won’t truly challenge the next generation flagships because it’s likely not gonna pack the Qualcomm Snapdragon 895.

But apart from that under display camera, 120 watt fast charging, a possible 200 megapixel sensor these are all pretty damn awesome specs. Now speaking of under display camera not long ago Xiaomi filed the patent that showed a phone with a under screen flip camera. Basically it showed off a Xiaomi Flagship smartphone that has the ability to have an under display camera that can rotate inside the screen appear only when you launch the camera and when you’re not using the camera it’s going to become really hidden.

Under Display Camera Design

The advantage of this technology is that the under display camera will be completely hidden. Now again this is a patent we don’t know if this is something that they’re doing with their under display camera flagship phone later down the year but it’s definitely interesting.

Apart from this xiaomi also filed multiple patents for its pop-up camera smartphone. So we have a phone with a round pop-up camera system. You also have a smartphone that looks very similar to samsung’s galaxy A80. Not long ago they also filed patent for a modular smartphone that also packed the under display camera system. So anything can happen Xiaomi might actually shock the world.

Also in the news we finally got a Q1 2021 report when it comes to the global smartphone shipments and as you can see Samsung is indeed topping them all taking the first place with 22 market share followed by apple with 17 market share then Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and finally Huawei. Big congrats to Samsung but I’m sad for Huawei they were definitely one of the best players when it comes to the shipments and now they just have four percent of the share which is pretty sad.

Stats of Market Share

Now speaking of Huawei their upcoming flagship phones the Huawei P50 series might be delayed even further according to twitter leakster he says that due to some sanctions some features might be dropped and the launch date might be pushed all the way to July. I hope that they do eventually launch these phones because they have a pretty unique design. I’m pretty sure Huawei will do something special.


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