New MacBook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Max Chip – Price, Specs

MacBook Pro M1

Apple revealed two new high-end MacBook Pro models on their second event in a few weeks. They announced some new products, specifically MacBook Pros. Now these new MacBooks are the higher end of MacBook Pros. Previously we had the lower end MacBook Pro, the one with just two thunderbolt ports.

Now we’ve got them that have more ports and, of course, one model has a larger screen size. So now all of the previous MacBook models have been replaced with new versions using Apple Silicone. Now more Intel chips.

Macbook Pro M1x

MacBook Pro Specifications

So there are two new MacBook models. A 14″ and a 16″ model. Both of them feature a better display with a 120Hz ProMotion but they also have a notch, like some rumor sites predicted at the last minute. So the notch takes up a little  bit of space at the top center part of the screen and that’s where the camera is located.

MacBook Pro

The Menu Bar will then fit to either side of that. But when you’re viewing content the content is most likely going to be below the line of the notch. They also have the same  ports. There are more ports on this model than the lower end MacBook Pros or the old generation. There are going to be three thunderbolt 4 ports, a HDMI port, a SD card slot, the headphone jack, and a MagSafe adaptor.

MacBook Pro MagSafe Ports
MacBook Pro MagSafe Ports

These new MacBook Pro models are going back to using MagSafe Power Adaptors. So when you plug your Mac in it’s going to use magnets to hold the power cable there. So if someone trips over the cable then they don’t bring the whole MacBook off the table with it.

Function Key on MacBook
Function Key Back on MacBook

The camera is the improved 1080p model and there are also new mics and new speaker system in these MacBook Pros. Another thing some rumor sites got right is the keyboard doesn’t have a touch bar. So it looks like that’s gone. There are the regular function keys back like before. So what people are really interested in is what’s inside these MacBook Pros.

MacBook Pro specs

Apple has come out with two new chips. Previously they had the M1 chip. Now they also  have a M1 Pro and a M1 Max chip. You get the new M1 Pro chip in both of these MacBook Pro models. It’s got 10 CPU’s, 16 GPU’s so it can power two external 5K displays. It can  also handle up to 32GB of RAM.

HDMI port and SD Card slot are back on the MacBook
HDMI port and SD Card slot are back on the MacBook

The 16″ MacBook Pro can come configured with a M1 Max Chip in it. This is even bigger with 32 GPU’s and can handle 3 external 5K displays plus an additional HDMI display. It can go up to 64GB of RAM

Prices of the 14″ MacBook model start at $2000 and the 16″ MacBook model starts at $2500. You can order these today and they will be available next week. Note that the 16″ MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor, that one starts at $3500.

AirPods 3

Apple also announced new AirPods 3. These are 3rd generation of Apple AirPods. They don’t have the soft tips on them that allow you to have noise cancelling. They don’t have noise cancelling but they do have spatial audio and they do have longer battery life and the case supports wireless and MagSafe charging.

New 3rd generation Airpod

The price of AirPods 3 starts at $179 and you can order them today and they start shipping next week. In addition Apple also announced that the HomePod Mini will now be coming in colors. Apple also revealed the new operating system, macOS Monterey, that’s in the final stages of beta testing and Apple has announced that it will be released next week on October 25. So probably at the same time that the first MacBook Pro models start to arrive in people’s hands.

Those are the things Apple announced today. Let me know what you think. Are you going to get one of those new  MacBook Pros? Leave your comment below.



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