LiFi Technology – 100x Faster than Wi-Fi

LiFi Technology

You heard the name Wi-Fi. In that sense, no child needs to be told what Wi-Fi is these days. By removing this Wi-Fi, the one that will replace it in the near future is called Li-Fi (Light Fidelity). You could say it’s a super-fast alternative of Wi-Fi. It is no longer at the planning level, tested in the laboratory, proven in the hands. It’s so fast that a short full-length movie can be downloaded in seconds. Its speed is 1 GBps. As can be seen from the calculation, it is 100 times faster than the current Wi-Fi technology.

The man behind this technology is Professor Harold Haas. He is the one who introduced this LiFi Technology, it is his invention.

What is this Li-Fi? In a word, a special kind of light. From which the information goes through the emitted rays and fills the air. Fiber optic networks use this light to send data.

The technology was discovered in 2011 by Harold Haus, a professor at the University of Edinburgh. He showed how to send more data faster than a cellular tower through a single lead.

This technology has been used experimentally in airlines for so long. In-flight communication was maintained using LiFi technology. Even detectives have used it. The world is now waiting for the use of this LiFi technology.

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