iPhone 14 is already making people talk, there are those who say “knowing too much”

iPhone 14 image

The iPhone 13 has not yet been presented and there is already talk of the iPhone 14 and what may appear, according to wishes and some imagination in the mix. On September 14th we will have the officialization of Apple’s smartphone for 2021 and a closing cycle for many rumors. However, there are already ideas for the iPhone 2022.

The iPhone 14 will not be a roll-out or roll-out. It will be above all an iPhone to achieve the goals stipulated by passionate about the brand.

iPhone 14 in the eyes of those who want Apple to make

Rumors feed the imagination and imagination often feeds reality. That is, much of what is said to be an information leak, a trend, a customary policy or a forecast will eventually materialize. So, now that the iPhone 13 is already in the boxes, ready to be shown and then delivered to the millions of users who will buy it, it’s time to predict what will come in 2022.

A few hours ago, popular leaker Jon Prosser , known for his successes in leaking information that turn out to be reality (not all, but a good part), published some renderings that he claims are based on faithful information about the upcoming iPhone 14.

According to him, and this is not difficult to predict, the iPhone of 2022 will appear in September of next year. However, the “good news” could be the disappearance of the notch, which passes under the screen and a redesign of the front of the phone that puts it clean in an improved chassis.

No notch, titanium body and redesigned speaker: here’s the iPhone 14

Just a week before the iPhone 13 launches, the leaker puts the spotlight on the iPhone 14, which will see the light of day in a year. There are many new features that, according to him, have moved from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14, so the design of the latter should change much more than the changes introduced in recent generations.

If we analyze the published renderings with the information offered in the video, we can see that the iPhone 14 won’t have a notch, something that many users will appreciate on their iPhone. On the other hand, there will be a hole for the front camera that will leave a black ball in the center of the screen. The rest of the chamber complex will be integrated under the front panel.

A thicker and more robust titanium chassis will also be featured.

Titanium? But what is the purpose of this material change?

The explanation may be convincing, that is, having a thicker back panel, but at the same time lighter, will be able to integrate the set of camera lenses inside the structure, making the back completely flat.

With this integration, the cameras themselves will be safer and will avoid some damage, as well as a protection for the LiDAR.

But what’s more, this design change also hits the microphones and speaker that look like an evolution of the iPhone 14 as discussed in the video.

Still on the iPhone 14, there is also a collage of the arrival of new circular buttons for volume control. Finally, the Lightning connector will remain on some models. In others this port, or any other, may disappear and be just an iPhone with MagSafe charging and data transmission via WiFi.

In the video there are some other tips that may or may not be a reality. Despite this, the only certainty we have for now is the date of the Apple event. On September 14th, at 6 pm, mainland Portugal time, you will be accompanied here.


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