iPhone 13 will have a satelite communication features!

iPhone 13

There’s some surprises coming with the iPhone 13, about a few years back in 2019, mark, Gurman mentioned that apple had a separate team working on Leo satellite communication to allow for calls and texts without any cellular coverage.

So Mark Gurman had mentioned that Apple was looking into new ways to beam data such as internet connectivity directly to phones without the need of a cellular network. According to Ming Chi Kuo this is coming to iPhone 13. This would be a huge surprise.

And definitely welcome if you’re in a remote area and you don’t have good cell coverage and maybe you could bypass cell coverage altogether. But according to Ming Chi Kuo, this is something that will be an iPhone 13. So we’ll have to wait and see if it’s really in this device. And maybe it’s a big thing or a one more thing that we haven’t seen in some time, but it looks like that’s coming very, very soon.

Now, iPhone 13 has said to feature a smaller notch, as well as some advanced face ID hardware that could work while you’re wearing a mask or maybe have foggy glasses. According to John Prosser. Now we know Apple’s working on new face ID hardware to make the notch smaller, and you can see sort of the display will look like this is a model of the iPhone 13, but you can see that the speaker has been moved to the top and the camera.

Is it a little bit different location, allowing for a different sort of notch and hopefully better face ID hardware. So no longer would you need an apple watch to sort of verify it’s you and unlocking with an iPhone wearing a mask. It would just work because of advanced face ID hardware.

This is also possibly in response to apple, maybe working on touch ID devices, where they started to implement touch ID in the new iPad air that I have here. And instead of bringing that to new iPhones they found a better way to use face ID. Now I would still prefer touch ID, but it said not to be coming with iPhone 13 models.

So hopefully we’ll see sort of some touch ID integration into maybe an iPhone SE3 or something else. But right now it looks like Apple’s sort of put touch ID pushed off a little bit instead of on the iPhone 13 models. I was hoping to see that, but again, we don’t know for sure. And it could be a bit of a surprise.


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