Apple iPhone 13 Release Date, Price

iPhone 13 release date

Over the years we’ve had such models as the iPhone 4 and the 4s and even in recent years we’ve had the iPhone 10 and the 10s. However a lot of us are wondering for this year will we get an iPhone 12s or the iPhone 13 name in 2021. Well, we’ve had  another leak that looks like it’s pointing towards a certain direction and I want to share all the details about this report along with the latest on the iPhone 13 release date and price with a summary of everything we know so far.

It’s been a month since WWDC, we now have public betas for all of Apple’s new OS’s including iOS 15. iOS 15 is giving iPhone users new Facetime features and iMessage changes to name a few. However, expecting a few more software tweaks for the iPhone 12s or the iPhone 13 and for them to be married up with the new hardware put inside.

So one big question is about the name for the 2021 iPhone models will it be the iPhone 12s or will it be the iPhone 13. So a recent report has come in from EDN or the Economic Daily News who has shared a leak from a supply chain that is saying  the new iPhone 2021 model will now be called the iPhone 13. Now a lot of us are thinking this can’t be true and apple would not use the number due to superstition.

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However, we have to remember Apple  have used the number 13 many times before in other hardware and software. For example iOS 13 two years ago or the iPhone 11 models and the iPhone SE 2nd Gen are sporting an A13 chipset inside. The iPhone 12 and the mini Homepod event happened on October 13th last year and they also called the smaller pro MacBook the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

So in my opinion, I don’t think Apple would be afraid to use the 13 name I think in my opinion, it’s more  if Apple would choose to use the 12s or 13 names  this year. If we went back five years ago or so  I would say that this year was going to be called  the 12s as for example a string of names like the 4 to 4s and the 5 and 5s and 6 and the 6s. But after that we had the 7 but no 7S we went straight to eight and even the iPhone 10. However, there was the iPhone 10s and that showed up again. But then we had the iPhone 11 but there was no 11S.

Now a lot of you are probably going to say because of the iPhone 12 and it had a brand new design this is why we didn’t actually get an 11S what could technically be true. However the iPhone 7 over the 6s isn’t a big design change and neither was the eight over the seven let’s be honest. So you can see it’s very confusing time for Apple right now to know if it’s going to be a 12s or 13 this year.

Another leak from John Prosser recently said the next iPhone is now going to be  called the iPhone 12s and not the 13 as well. But right now, to me and my own opinion, I think this name is still up for debate. But I would make an observation that so far more leaks and reports are referring to the 2021 iPhone as the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Release Date

Last year due to the pandemic, it was really the only year we haven’t seen a flagship iPhone released in September in the last five years or so. However, with leaks flying  around that Apple has started production on the new iPhone earlier this year. It is likely we’ll get a September release, in fact, many reports are already showing that this is going to be the case in 2021 with an expected September or early October launch for all the iPhone 13 models.

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Wed Bush analyst Dan Ives believes that the iPhone 13 range will be announced during the third week of September time. That would be a little later than usual since Apple tends to launch iPhones in the first week or second week of that month. But this information does suggest that we may be seeing the iPhone 13 release date as September 24th. I should point out this is a fairly good guess and it’s based on taking is’ prediction at face value.

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Apple typically holds its iPhone launch event on a Tuesday with pre-orders then starting on that same week on the Friday. Then after this the first wave of iPhone typically arrives in customer hands the following Friday after that. So this means if Ives is correct, we could be seeing the iPhone 13 launch on September 14th, then pre-orders opening on September 17th and then the release of the iPhone 13 on September 24th.

However, at the end of this year we will also see other Apple events for other apple products like MacBook’s, iPads, Apple watch and Airpod’s and loads more. And if you want the latest information about these products do check out my other Articles on this website.

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