iPhone 13 Pro Release Date and price

iPhone 13 Pro Price

The new iPhone 13 Pro models are set to get a 120Hz display but what about the return of Touch ID? Well, a new report is telling us on the latest about this. We also have the latest on what apple are doing about making enough iPhone 13 models to meet demand and also the latest on the iPhone 13 Pro release date and price with a summary of everything we know so far.

So the weeks are now counting down until we see the iPhone 13 models. We are   now in august and it’s been a while since WWDC, we now have public betas for all of Apple’s new OS’s including iOS 15. iOS 15 is giving iPhone users new facetime features and imessage changes to name a few. However expecting a few more software tweaks for the iPhone 12S or the iPhone 13 and for them to be married up with the new hardware put inside.

Apple iPhone 13

Now a new report showing and patent has come through from Apple. This painting is showing Apple looking to add both Touch ID and Face ID under their current screens that they supply in their iPhones. This is really exciting as we know underscreen fingerprint scanning is totally possible. Then also recently we’ve had other smartphones out like from Oppo who have recently put a camera under the screen and it has the ability to recognize your face to unlock it.

Apple face id is a little bit more sophisticated in firing loads of laser dots at your face to recognize your face structure as well as what you look like. Gowever if apple have painted us it does  mean that they are hopeful in the technology.

Now right away as you can guess this will not be coming in the iPhone 13 models. However we are hopeful that the Touch ID we have on the iPad Air at the moment so this is on the standby button will at least feature on the iPhone 13 models. So fingers crossed. Whilst you’re keeping your fingers crossed I’m keeping Minecraft that will  be able to get our hands on an iPhone 13 model in 2021.

iPhone 13 Pro Release Date

A new report has come in that Apple have got another supplier in addition to their current free supplies that are assembling iPhone 13 models. This new supplier is called Luxure and they’ll be primary focusing on the assembly of the iPhone 13 Pro and the Pro Max models to meet with the demand they believe they will get with the iPhone later on this year.

Last year due to the pandemic it was really the only year we haven’t seen a flagship iPhone released in September in the last five years or so. However with leaks flying around that Apple has started production on the new iPhone earlier this year it is likely we’ll get a September release. In fact many reports are already  showing that this is going to be the case in 2021 with an expected September or early October launch for all the iPhone 13 models.

iPhone 13 Dummy Units

Wed Bush analyst Dan Ives believes that the iPhone 13 range will be announced during the third week of September time.  That would be a little later than usual since Apple tends to launch iPhones in the first week or second week of that month. But this information does suggest that we may be seeing the iPhone 13 release date as september 24th.

I should point out this is a fairly good guess and it’s based on taking eyes prediction at face value. Apple typically holds its iPhone launch event on a tuesday with pre-orders, then starting on that same week on the friday, then after this the first wave of iPhones typically arrive in customer hands the following friday after that. So this means if Ives is correct we could be seeing the iPhone 13 launch on September 14th, then pre-orders opening on september 17 and then the release of the iPhone 13 on September 24th.

iPhone 13 Pro expected Price and Specification

  • 6.1-inch LTPO OLED Display, 2532×1170, Pro-Motion 120Hz
  • 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB Storage Option
  • A15 Bionic with 5G connectivity
  • 6GB RAM
  • Stainless Steel Frame Body
  • Triple Camera and Lidar Sensor
  • Battery Size: 3,095mAh
  • Price: 128GB – $1049, 256GB – $1149, 512GB – $1349, 1TB – $1549

However at the end of this  year we will also see other Apple events for other apple products like MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watch and AirPods and loads more and if you want the latest information about these products do check out my other article on this website.

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