iPhone 13 Pro has surpassed the iPhone 12 Pro in performance test

iPhone 13 Pro

Apple this week unveiled its new line of high-end flagship smartphones, with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max standing out as the apple company’s two best terminals in 2021.

With these smartphones, the Apple A15 Bionic was also debuted, a new processor that has a slight difference between the Pro and Pro Max versions and the other versions. While iPhone 13 and 13 mini use a 4-core (four-core) GPU, both iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a superior 5-core (five-core) GPU, which, in theory, should guarantee this duo superior performance. at the graphic level.

Well, an alleged iPhone 13 Pro prototype was tested on Geekbench 5 and the results are enlightening as to the generational leap compared to the iPhone 12 Pro.

With the A15 Bionic’s 5-core GPU, no terminal beats the iPhone 13 Pro

The Geekbench 5 test ran through the Metal API and the iPhone 13 Pro achieved an impressive 14,216 points. This result is especially interesting when compared to the 9,123 points obtained by the iPhone 12 Pro with the A14 Bionic processor and a 4-core GPU, as it represents a 55% improvement in graphics performance.

Apple hasn’t revealed the memory settings of the new iPhone 13 yet, but we can confirm from this test that the iPhone 13 Pro comes with 6 GB of RAM, the same as the iPhone 12 Pro.

Unfortunately, this was the only test released, and the CPU capabilities of this processor are not yet known. The capabilities of the A15 Bionic version with 4-core GPU are also unknown, as no test has been released for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini.


When presenting the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Apple was keen to point out that the A15 Bionic with 5-core GPU is the most powerful processor ever installed in a smartphone, with a graphics performance 55% higher than the best processor from the competition. And judging by the results of this test, there are good reasons to believe these statements.


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