‘iPhone 13’ A15 chip performance continues to dominate Android’s rivals

iPhone 13 with A15 Bionic

Apple is on the right track when it comes to developing its SoCs. The latest generation chips are helping the company to bring to the market computers, tablets, smartwatches and smartphones with high processing power, lower energy consumption and great longevity. According to information, the iPhone 13 will have an A15 chip that is the corollary of this reality described.

A benchmark on what is said to be the GPU of Apple’s A15 chip, destined for the “iPhone 13”, says that it is 13.7% faster than the A14, maintaining Apple’s leadership in mobile performance.

A Manhattan 3.1 GPU benchmark test shows that Apple’s A15 chip hit 198 FPS during the first round of testing. However, the second round is not that impressive, with a score of around 140 FPS at 150 FPS.

The benchmark results show how the A15 GPU fared after two rounds of testing. The scores show that the A15 needs to slow down after a while, but even when you factor in the drop in speed, it outperforms competitors by a considerable margin.

According to a tweet from a leaker known as “FrontTron”, the benchmark tests were performed on a sample of the A15 purchased in a July lot. The results were discussed in a Korean forum called Client.

According to the tweet, the iPhone 12 averages 170.7 FPS of maximum performance in the Manhattan 3.1 test. FrontTron says throttling is not a problem as it “exceeds” the A14’s maximum performance, although the numbers seem to contradict this claim.

All this should be confirmed soon as rumors point to the date of September 14 for the presentation of the iPhone 13. Eventually a week later, users who buy the new iPhone will already be testing these speeds to take away the stubbornness.


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