iPhone 13: Apple Will Continue Limited Stock Until February 2022

iPhone 13 Pro Price

The entire mobile market has been affected by the semiconductor crisis, which has caused major delays in the industry and even the cancellation of some models. Apple has been one of the companies that has better managed these supply problems, but the iPhone 13 does not escape some shortages in stock.

According to a new source, Apple will not be able to meet market demand for its new iPhone 13 until February next year due to difficulties encountered by its suppliers.

Despite the Priority Given by TSMC to Apple, Production of the iPhone 13 Remains Limited

The news is advanced by the Digitimes portal , which states that, despite the recent failures in production registered last October are already being resolved by the manufacturers, the “apple company” will continue to feel the effects of these same failures in the production of processors for the iPhone 13 and its variants until February 2022, when Apple should, according to the source, finally manage to gather a stock that matches the demand for the new smartphones.

Interestingly, Apple maintains a privileged business relationship with TSMC, the world’s largest producer of processors for the mobile market, and the company led by Tim Cook, due to its negotiating power, manages to reserve a large share of production for its chips , where the new Apple A15 Bionic stands out, which not only integrates the iPhone 13 and its mini, Pro and Pro Max variants, but also the new iPad mini 6.

Despite this strong position with a supplier as strong as TSMC, there are still difficulties in the production of some chips, which leads to delays in the production of smartphones and, consequently, makes it difficult to restock. Recently, Tim Cook even came to say that delays in production caused losses in the amount of 6 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2021, considering the CEO of Apple that these numbers are expected to grow by the end of the year.


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