Apple iPad Mini with A15 Bionic – Full Details and Price

Apple iPad Mini

Apple announces new iPad mini on their September 14 event. It will be powered by A15 Bionic Chip. New iPad Mini comes with 6-core CPU and 5-core GPU A15 Bionic Chip, launches September 24.

For several years, Apple has not renewed its iPad mini, and its design was becoming increasingly outdated. The Cupertino company took advantage of this Tuesday’s event to introduce the world to the new iPad mini 6, the new version of the small tablet that promises to shake the bills in the small tablet market.

The recipe is the same as the iPad Air 2020, with Apple bringing to its new “mini” a powerful processor with 5G capabilities, modernizing its design to meet the rest of the line of Apple devices. So let’s get to know the long awaited iPad mini 6.

iPad mini 6: more than a “shrunken” iPad Air?

It’s easy to see why so many fans are waiting for a new version of the iPad mini. The old design was already quite old-fashioned and no longer matched the modern look that Apple transmits with the other larger models. However, the ‘mini’ continues to be a very convenient size for many people, as it is compact and easy to store and has the essential features of an iPad.

iPad Mini Full Specifications

In that sense, the iPad mini 6 has everything to make a splash in the market. The size of the chassis remains, but Apple did a great job of taking advantage of the space on the front of the tablet to enlarge the screen and reduce the margins, which in itself immediately gives a renewed face to the iPad mini.

The screen is now 8.3 inches and has True Tone support, and the second generation Apple Pencil can be used as an accessory to navigate the iPadOS 15. The overall look of this iPad mini is actually almost a copy of the iPad Air 2020 , which has shrunk to give life to the new generation of the small tablet. And just like the Air, the Touch ID is relegated to the on/off button on the iPad’s side frame.

Still on the screen theme, it is also worth praising the maximum brightness of 500 nits of this panel, which will be especially useful for use in well-lit scenarios, while multimedia consumption will benefit thanks to the stereo speaker system, when used in landscape mode

This is the “pocket rocket” of the tablet market

Apple was keen to emphasize the power of the iPad mini 6, with surprising numbers. According to the American company, the new small tablet achieves a computing power 40% higher than the previous generation, and the graphics processing is 80% higher.

iPad Mini Full Specifications

These values ​​are due to the processor that is “under the hood”. It is the new Apple A15 Bionic, hexa-core processor (six cores) presented this Tuesday and which debuts not only on the new iPhone 13, but also on the iPad mini 6, and which automatically guarantees that this is one of the most powerful devices in its segment (outperforms all iPad models, with the exception of versions equipped with the Apple M1).

It should also be noted that, along with the iPad 10.2 (2021), this is the first tablet to reach the market with the iPadOS 15 ex-factory, benefiting from the new features of the new version of the operating system. The new mini has two 12MP cameras, one at the rear and one at the front, with the latter hiding in a wide-angle lens.

Finally, we must mention that, thanks to the A15 Bionic processor, this iPad has 5G connectivity and that the usual Lightning input has been replaced by a USB-C input, through which the tablet can be charged at a power of 20W.

iPad Mini Price and availability

iPad Mini Price

The iPad mini 6 can be configured in Space Grey, Starlight, Purple and Pink and is already available in pre-order, with its effective arrival in stores starting on September 24th.

The 64GB base version can be purchased with a price of $499.


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