iOS 14 – Top 15 Features you should know!

iOS 14 Features

iOS 14 was shown on June 22, 2020.

This firmware adds home screen widgets, an improved Siri interface, incoming calls are displayed as notifications, and dozens of new features have been added. The interface of many applications has been changed for the better.

iOS 14 can be installed on all devices that supported iOS 13, up to and including the first generation iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

New features include: Translation app, app categorization by lists and tasks, picture-in-picture, Sleep mode, redesigned music interface, and emoji search.

Now is the time to figure out what has changed in iOS 14. Apple has greatly improved the operating system, adding various functions, including widgets on the home screen.

But that’s not all. There are also a lot of small details added.

iOS Features

Home Screen Widget

Home Screen Widget

The biggest change in iOS 14. Now widgets are available not only in the sidebar, but also on the desktop.

There are three sizes in total: 4, 8 or 16 cells. Almost everyone is constantly active and always updated. Of course, we are talking about system applications, third-party applications do not yet have their own widgets.

It Can be placed anywhere in the operating system. The main thing is that the structured mesh is preserved. That is, you can leave, say, 4 empty cells on the side by placing two widgets one below the other.

Some of them load after a few seconds (up to 30), but this is a beta issue.

New animation for opening Spotlight search

Spotlight search now opens even faster and animations are much smoother on iOS 14. There are no abrupt movements.

Built-in Translate APP

bult-in APP Translator

iOS 14 introduces a new built-in Translation app. It allows you to translate words and sentences from various foreign languages.

11 languages available: English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Russian, French and Japanese.

It is possible to preload a library of languages and translate texts offline. There is a language autodetection function.

Smart stacks

Smart Stacks on iOS 14

The Smart Stack function has appeared on iOS 14 Home Screen, which analyzes your pastime in your smartphone.

A special widget on the home screen changes depending on the daily routine and your preferences. It changes and offers to launch or view a particular program.

App Library

App Library

The new App Library feature sorts the apps on the home screen into their smart folders. The most actively used programs are highlighted with large icons, while the rest remain inside the folders.

To go to this section, scroll to the right of the desktop to the very end.

Applications List

Applications List

An additional general list of installed applications available to you on iOS 14.

To open it, go to the App Library and swipe down.

Overall iOS performance improvement

With this update, the operating system feels 1.5x faster than iOS 13.5.5. Animations and opening programs run much smoother.

Active camera and microphone icon

Active Camera Icon on iOS 14

Now you will always know when the camera and microphone are active on your iPhone. In the upper right corner of the screen, a special indicator lights up: green for the camera or orange for the microphone.

Adjusting exposure in the Camera app

Adjusting Exposer setting

The standard camera application was also slightly modified on iOS 14. Now, while shooting photos and videos, the iPhone camera has received an additional exposure setting. It works in real time and can be manually adjusted.

New incoming call interface

Incoming Call interface on iOS 14

Now the incoming call will not be displayed in full screen on new iOS 14. For this, the interface was changed: a small pop-up window at the top edge of the screen.

To cancel the call, you can press the red button or just swipe up.

New Siri


The voice assistant interface has changed. Now it does not occupy the entire screen, the Siri icon appears at the bottom of the display.

Any text messages are displayed at the bottom, you can turn off the display of your requests and leave only the answers of the digital assistant. Information cards such as Weather are shown at the top of the screen.


IOS 14 introduces a built-in picture-in-picture feature that allows you to watch videos from any screen: from the desktop and another application.

So far, only works in Apple TV + and Safari. You can change the size from two cells to eight with a simple pinch of your finger.

How to open Picture-in-Picture Menu?

In the Settings -> General -> Picture-in-picture menu, you can enable the automatic opening of the video in the window when the application is minimized.

New Contacts interface

In the Contacts application, the interface has slightly changed. And in place of the avatar, you can install not just a photo, but also an an emoji or a smiley.

Sleeping mode

The Sleep function has been moved from the Clock application to Health. Now it monitors your sleep quality even better and shows statistics.

Updated interface of the Home app

Apple has slightly updated the look of the Home app for managing smart devices. The program now offers to set up speech recognition in HomePod automatically.

Updated Podcast UI

The Podcasts app has slightly changed the interface. The most recently listened podcasts are now displayed as large tiles.

Plus, hosts and guests are indicated.

Editing and finding widgets

There is a separate button for adding widgets to the Home Screen. It is located in the upper left corner.

In addition, in order not to waste time looking for the desired widget, you can use a special search.


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