How to Upgrade to macOS 12 Monterey? – What’s New?

macOS 12 Monterey

Apple announced at last week’s event that today would be the release day for the latest versions of its various operating systems. As such, macOS 12 Monterey will be made available and compatible machines will benefit from a set of new features. Before we know what’s new, you have to realize that you have the minimum requirements to install the update.

To put your mind at ease, know that the new operating system for laptops and desktops requires the same as its predecessor. But it brings more news.

Minimum Requirements for macOS 12 Monterey?

As mentioned above, macOS Monterey requires a series of requirements exactly the same as the previous version of macOS. In general, Mac devices tend to have many years of support, more than 5 or 6. Still, if your Apple computer hasn’t upgraded to the previous version, which was macOS 11 Big Sur, it won’t upgrade to macOS 12 either. Monterey.

In addition, the user must also have an Apple account. If you already have another Apple device, such as another Mac, iPad or iPhone, it is recommended that you use the same account and password so that all your data is synced. If this is your first Apple device, you can create a new account. This page teaches you how to create an Apple ID.

macOS 12 Monterey Supported Devices

Apple, from the moment it announced the macOS 12 Monterey, created the operating system presentation page where news and complementary information are shown. Among this information is the official list of Apple computers that are compatible with this new version of macOS.

In the list that we leave is indicated the model and year of its oldest version that macOS Monterey receives. All later years versions of this model will be supported.

  • iMac: from 2015 onwards
  • iMac Pro: 2017 onwards
  • MacBook Air: 2015 onwards
  • MacBook Pro: 2015 onwards
  • Mac Pro: 2013 onwards
  • Mac mini: from 2014 onwards
  • MacBook: from 2016 onwards

What’s new in macOS 12 Monterey?

In June of this year, at the WWDC 2021 event , Apple presented the new operating system for its computers and promised some innovations. As such, in addition to perfecting macOS features, the company has further integrated the operating system of Macs into a well-known concept in operating systems for iPhone and iPad.

macOS 12 Monterey Features

  • Universal Control : A new feature that lets you control your Mac or iPad by moving the cursor from one device to another. Basically we can place an iPad, a Mac side by side and with the cursor go from the Mac screen to the iPad screen. Besides, this option even lets you drag files between devices. One keyboard, one mouse, multiple devices with virtually no latency.
  • App Shortcuts : iOS shortcuts are automations for multitasking at the touch of a single button. Considerably extend the functionality beyond what the OS brings native. Now you can create these shortcuts in macOS.
  • Facetime Improvements : One of the focus of this year’s Apple operating systems was FaceTime. Now, the user can isolate the background sound to enhance the voice or create a real-time portrait mode if you have a Mac with an M1 chip. A new view is implemented to see all call participants at the same size. It is also now possible to create a link to a FaceTime session, allowing you to have Android and Windows users within the Apple video calling platform.
  • New SharePlay : SharePlay lets you use FaceTime to share your screen and everything you’re watching or listening to. The sound and image of FaceTime calls are also more natural. And with the Messaging app, it’s easier to find and enjoy content shared by friends and family .
  • Share Photos : Photos shared with the user in the Messaging app will have their own folder in the Photos app.
  • Safari Improvements : The tab menu has been redesigned to be able to create new groups, which are synchronized with your other devices. The address bar has also become more compact.
  • AirPlay comes to Mac : The power of AirPlay comes to Mac. Share, view or present content from another Apple device on your beautiful Mac screen. You can also magnify or project your screen to increase productivity.
  • Text Detection in Photos : Mac lets you interact with text in any image. Click on an address and open it in Maps. Make phone calls, send messages or save a phone number. You can copy and paste just like you would any other text. And the personal information of the images doesn’t leave your device.
  • Interactive Globe in Maps : Admire all the natural beauty of our planet with an interactive globe filled with information and details. Explore mountain ranges, deserts, rainforests, oceans and more.
  • iCloud+ : iCloud has always kept your important information, such as photos, documents and notes, up-to-date, accessible and secure, across all your devices. Now, iCloud+ takes this experience one step further, with a new subscription that will replace current storage plans.

These are just some of the new features that Apple will bring to your computer. There are a lot more new and improved interactions between Apple and third-party devices.

How to upgrade you Mac to macOS Monterey?

The Mac update process is simple. Once macOS 12 Monterey is available, when you open the Mac App Store, you’ll see a banner stating that the update is available. This version will also be in the Updates category of the App Store to have access to it.

When you click on the banner or update, you will see a page with all the information about it. On this page, press the Download button, and the update download will begin, a process that may take more or less minutes depending on your internet connection.

When the download is complete, you will have access to a window that is the installer that will guide you step by step through the update process. In it, you can choose the hard drive on which you want to install it, and then just wait a while for the update to be installed.

During the process, the computer will restart and then it will take some time with the progress bar under the apple.


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