How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Samsung!

Transfer WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp announced this Friday the long-awaited feature that allows its users to transfer their message history in the application from an iPhone to a Samsung Android smartphone.

Until this feature was made available, the task of transferring the message history from an iPhone to an Android smartphone was relatively complicated, especially given the fact that this information is stored in different clouds on each device (in the case of the iPhone, in iCloud; in the the case of Android devices, on Google Drive).

With this new feature, WhatsApp comes to streamline the transition between devices. For now, this form of migration is only possible with Samsung terminals, but it will soon reach other Android devices.

Transferring information between devices allows account information, profile photo, conversations, history, media and settings to be transferred, but prevents the call history from reaching the receiving device.

In addition to this restriction, there are some limitations to the transfer between iOS and Android devices, namely the requirement that the Samsung smartphone be new or that it be reset to factory data. The transition also requires the iPhone to have WhatsApp version (or newer) and the Samsung smartphone version (or newer), as well as the Samsung SmartSwitch app (version or higher).

How to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Samsung

  • Power on Samsung smartphone and connect by cable to iPhone;
  • Follow SmartSwitch instructions;
  • Scan the QR code revealed on the Samsung screen via the iPhone camera;
  • Choose the “start” option on the iPhone and wait for the process to complete;
  • Complete initial Samsung setup and, on the desktop, open the WhatsApp app;
  • Enter the mobile number used on the old iPhone;
  • Select the “Import” option;

After the migration, all information present on the iPhone should have been transferred to the new Samsung, with the exception of the call history and contact nicknames/names. The information will remain on the iPhone until the WhatsApp app is uninstalled or your data is manually erased.


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