How to Speed up Computer? – Here are 5 tips for you!

How to Speed Up Computer

Any electronic device starts to slow down after a few days of use. Computers are no exception. The speed at which a new computer initially works is much slower over time. There are many reasons behind this slowdown. Decreased efficiency of various computer components is one of the main reasons for this.

However, there are some very small and little reasons that if we can easily practice a little in our work, we can prevent the computer from slowing down a lot. Today we are going to share with you some effective tips to speed up computer.

5 effective tips to keep the speed up computer

Many users faced slower speed on their computer/PC. Thankfully there are simple tips tweaks you can speed up computer. We’ll go step by step giving you our simple effective tips to optimize and improve the performance of your computer.

Keep the computer virus free

We all know that any kind of virus attack can slow down the computer so we should always try to keep the computer virus free. However, after many attempts, it is not always possible to keep the computer virus free. Because a lot of the time we have to take different types of files that have to use someone else’s pen drive.

Besides, all our computers now have internet connection. These two mediums are usually the most likely to be infected.

At present, if there is an internet connection, many virus software can be downloaded without the knowledge of the user. So if you want to avoid the virus, you have to take some special precautions. Although Windows Defender for Windows operating system works very well, you must use a third party free or paid antivirus as an extra precaution and scan the files before exchanging files with any pen drive or any other means. This can save you from unwanted virus and speed up computer.

If you take a file from another’s pen drive, it is better to open it from a folder without opening it directly. Because if you open it directly, if there is a virus in the file, it can attack the computer very quickly.

Clear browsing history and cookies

We are currently browsing the internet a lot more than before. I do a lot of things from social media to reading magazines, to finding any information or address on the internet things all this browsing information is stored in all browsers. As a result, there are user benefits as well as benefits for tech giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Speed up computer by cleaning browser history and cookies.

All these histories are stored in the browser so that if the user goes to search for the same information again, he can find it very easily. In addition, browsers and website user information is stored so that advertising agencies can easily find potential buyers for their products.

However, the problem is that if a large amount of information is stored in the browser, then the browser becomes slow. So if you clear the browsing history and cookies regularly, the speed will increase even a little bit.

Delete temporary files

Temporary files are some junk files created by the computer’s operating system. The operating system creates these files on the computer without the knowledge of the computer user. Whenever a file is opened on a computer, the computer program creates a junk file of it. As the amount of this file increases, the normal speed of the computer decreases. So these should be cleaned regularly.

You can do this manually by yourself and again with code. If you are using Windows 7, go to the Run command from the Start menu and type% temp% and press Enter to move all the temporary files. You can easily delete the files.

On Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems, if you type %temp% from the Run command, the junk files will be removed. And in the Cortana search box of Windows 10 operating system, if you type %temp%, the temp folder will come. By deleting temp file, this will speed up computer.

Keep the Recycle Bin clean

Probably the most neglected part of our computer is the Recycle bin. Because it is the dustbin of the computer. And we use it like a dustbin. When we delete any unnecessary files from our computer, it is stored in the Recycle bin. If the dirt accumulated in the house is not cleaned for a long time, it creates bad smell.

Files stored in the recycle bin and if not cleaned for a long time, the computer may be slow. Because the files stored in the recycle bin occupy the space of the hard drive. If you want to speed up computer make sure you clear your recycle bin regularly.

Uninstall unnecessary software

Of all the above, this is the most effective way to keep the computer running smoothly. We often install software temporarily for small tasks that are no longer useful. In this way a lot of unnecessary software is stored in the computer. These unnecessary software occupy a lot of space in the computer and the hard work of the components, which is forced to slow down the computer.

So today, see if you have any unnecessary software on your computer, uninstall them. You will see that the speed of the computer will increase at least a little.


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