How to save Battery life – 8 Tips to keep your battery safe

how to save battery life

One of the most important part of a Smartphone is its battery. Smartphone without battery is useless. If the phone’s battery runs out of charge quickly, then no work can be done well. At present almost all smartphone manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries. If the battery is not charged properly, it can be damaged very quickly.

Hopefully, with a little care, this battery can be used for a long time with a single charge. In this post I’ll share with you some tips to How to Save Battery life.

How to Save Battery Life

Let’s take a look at the ways to keep the battery charge of the smartphone for a long time and keep your battery health good.

Charging the phone with its own charger

If the favorite phone is charged with the charger that comes with that phone, then the battery life increases. Now, of course, there is a microUSB or Type C port to charge the phone. So you can charge the phone with any charger.

However, if the phone’s own charger is not used during charging, the battery’s ability to hold a charge gradually decreases. Because the charger that comes with the phone has a certain amount of output vostage and current rating. Which is made in conjunction with the phone.

Don’t use cheap chargers

Many times the charger set for the phone can be lost or damaged. In that case many people buy cheap and unknown brand chargers from the market. Charging these chargers makes the phone extra hot. It takes more time to charge. And if there is a problem with the adapter, both the phone and the battery can be damaged. So it is better not to use cheap charger.

Save Battery
Keep the case open

The battery gets a bit hot when the phone is charged. The effect of battery heating spreads to the phone. Therefore, the protective casing or cover of the phone should be kept open while charging to protect the phone from excessive heat.

Keep the case open when charging
Battery application

There are many third party battery optimized apps for phones. These apps run in the background of the phone. This costs more to charge the phone. The lockscreen also loads apps. So no separate battery app should be used in the phone.

When using the power bank

The phone should not be used while charging through the power bank. Because the battery gets hot while charging with the help of power bank. Using the phone at the same time will make it even hotter. Which is detrimental to the battery.

Eliminate misconceptions

Many people think that the battery of a smartphone has to be charged 100 percent at a time. And the charge should not be re-charged until it drops to 9 to 10 percent. However, experts say that 100% charge or full charge of the charge rather puts pressure on the lithium-ion battery. This weakens the chemicals in the battery. As a result, the battery life is reduced.

According to experts, the battery charge should be kept between 50 and 60 percent. Care should be taken to reduce the charge to less than 20 percent. There is no problem even if the smartphone is charged overnight. Because, many of today’s smartphones can understand on their own, when it is fully charged. Then the phone automatically stops charging.

Awareness of temperature

The chemicals in the center of a lithium-ion battery never like too high or too low a temperature. So you should try your best to keep the phone at normal temperature. Too low or too high a temperature accelerates the erosion inside the battery. So the smartphone should not be placed along with the car engine or in direct sunlight. This can cause the battery to overheat and absorb heat.

Some applications are now offered on smartphones to check the battery temperature. There are also a number of apps available on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s iStore. Using them, the condition of the battery can be known regularly.

Stay up to date

There is no option to update the phone’s software to keep the battery usable for a long time. IOS and Android are improving day by day. These operating systems are now gaining the ability to monitor many battery-related issues on their own. So you have to try to use the latest version of the software.

There are other benefits to updating operating system software. The latest app or software version strengthens the security of the phone. This allows the phones to resist ‘malware’ or ‘viruses’.


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