How to Purchase SKS skin in Pubg Mobile


Hello guys, how are you ? I am Jakir and back with a new post. There is an new event in pubg mobile called Growing Pack. In this event you can get free SKS skin. This is an permanent skin you can collect it for free. You Just read this post carefully then you will know how to get it for free.

There is a Growing pack poster above event you can see. Click on it! This is a new event, dates are from 14 feb till 21 feb. So guys you have to do some missions then you will get GROWING points. But you have to buy the pack using UC. Then you will get back that UC and SKS gunskin and also some 30uc coupons.

Please Read the post till end i will tell you the best pack you will get free sks skin + 300 uc + coupons.
So you can see some packs on first impression but don’t buy.

I will show you the best pack, Just go to the end of the list you can see this pack called TOTAL VALUE 1500 UC. You need 300UC & 800 GROWING POINTS to claim this. This is the Best (Recommended) Pack as you will get back 300UC +SKS SKIN + 30UC COUPONS. You just have to use 300uc and 800 Gp. Now i will tell you how to collect 800 Growing points. Go to MISSIONS as you can see there is lot of missions. Complete all these missions one by one. Each misssion will give you some growing points. Collect total of 800 growing points.
Note: if you want to buy a pack only buy the last pack of total 1500uc written on it and it will cost you 300uc + 800 growing point. As in that pack only you will get back your 300uc + sks + some coupons.


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