How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Maps for iOS

google maps dark mode iphone

After Google announced last August that it was working to implement the much-desired Dark Mode in Google Maps on iOS devices, the functionality is now available for those making the iPhone or iPad their favorite GPS navigation tool.

In fact, the dark screen mode arrived on Google Maps for iOS as early as September, but the technology company led by Sundar Pichai has said nothing publicly about the matter. Now that it’s here, we’ll show you how to enable Dark Mode in Google Maps on iOS.

Here’s how to enable Dark Mode in Google Maps for iOS

  • Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Touch your photo located at the top right of the screen
  • Touch Settings
  • From the Settings menu, choose Dark Mode
  • Choose one of three options: On, Off or Copy System Setting (which automatically switches Google Maps to Dark Mode depending on your operating system level preference)

Android device users have been able to activate Dark Mode on Google Maps since the beginning of this year, but the activation process is distinctly different.

On Android, you’ll have to open the app, tap your photo, choose Settings and then tap Theme. There you can choose the same three options offered on iOS.

In addition to the clear advantages for use in low-light scenarios, Dark Mode will help save some battery power in an application known for draining a lot of autonomy on smartphones due to the constant need to receive the location by GPS. Dark Mode is always a welcome addition to any app, even more so when it comes to an app that’s installed on millions of smartphones.


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