Hidden Tricks & Uses of Keyboard Function Keys; you don’t know yet!

Function Key F1-F12

In daily life, we ​​want to do a lot of work in shortcuts. So that our time and suffering are less. There are also some function keys on the computer keyboard, through which we can easily run many programs. Today we will highlight the use of keyboard function key. I hope everyone will find these tips very helpful.


The help screen of almost all programs is opened by pressing this key. That is, suppose you don’t know about a program. The corresponding program when pressing F1
A help screen with detailed information and Q&A will open on your desktop.


To rename a file or folder, many people use the mouse. The shortcut to file rename is F2. You don’t need a mouse to rename the file.


Pressing this key opens the search feature of an application (the one you are using at the moment).


F4 great shortcut for closing windows. Pressing Alt + F4 will close the active window.


If you want to refresh or reload a page, press F5 without wasting time moving the mouse.


When you press this key, the cursor goes straight to the address bar in the internet browser.


F7 will detect any spelling and grammatical errors after writing something in Microsoft Word or an application.


You can use the boot menu of Windows with this key(may vary in different models).


If you want to refresh a document in Microsoft Word,
Sending and receiving e-mails to Microsoft Outlook is done with the help of this shortcut key.


Most people right-click on the mouse to bring up the menu bar in an application. No need if you use shift + F10. It works of right-click.


The F11 Key works in and out of fullscreen mode in Internet browsers.


If you want to save a document in Microsoft Word, use this shortcut key without the help of a mouse.

That’s all for today. I hope it will be helpful to you all. If you find something helpful please share it with your friends. Be sure to let us know your valuable opinion in the comment section.

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