Hidden Features hint in Apple’s iPhone 13 Event Invitation

iPhone 13 Event Features

Apple FINALLY sent out their invites for their September event and it looks like it’s definitely happening on the 14th at 10am, which makes me extremely excited because it means we’re finally done with the last 3 months of a tech drought! But enough about that, let’s get into the actual invitation that Apple sent out because there are a bunch of easter eggs and hints within the invite itself and other tweets like the one from Apple’s Greg Joswiak that point to some of the biggest rumored features & changes actually getting revealed at the event!

California Streaming

So with that said, let’s get right into Analyzing the best looking event invitation Apple has ever created. To start things off, let’s dig right into the title of the Apple invite, which is California Streaming. Now this is obviously a spin on the California Dreaming song by the mamas and papas, which I admit is a pretty awesome song that takes us back to the rise of Apple in the 1970’s when they released the revolutionary Apple II computer. And that was also back when they had the multi-colored Apple Logo that they used in a bunch of their original and creative ads.

Apple Headquarters in California

But getting back to the California streaming invitation, Apple is using California because that’s where their main Headquarters are based out of, and the streaming part of it is likely pointing to the fact that this event will continue to be streamed online instead of being in-person. Now this next detail could be of a bit of a stretch, but the streaming part could also be pointing to better 5G support with the new Qualcomm X60 modem which is rumored to be coming to the iPhone 13 lineup, and there’s also a chance we could be getting 5G support for the first time on both the iPad Mini 6 and the Apple Watch Series 7

Advance Portrait Mode

Apple Event

Now looking at the image itself, we can see a beautiful glowing Apple logo, and one of the details I noticed is that the inside of the Apple Logo looks a bit different compared to the background, almost like there is some sort of a filter applied to it. In my opinion, this is directly pointing to the leak from Mark Gurman where he said that the Portrait photo mode is getting a more advanced iteration of standard photo filters. So instead of applying a filter to the entire  image, the iPhone 13 will use artificial intelligence to add filters to objects and people inside of the photo and not the background, and this is exactly what Apple is showing us in the event invitation. 

Improved Night Photography

Pine Leaks

Now going even deeper, the fact that the invitation image is of a scene happening after sunset kind of points to Apple improving night time photography with the iPhone 13 lineup. And this points us to a new leak from PineLeaks where they claimed that all camera sensors on the iPhone 13 lineup will receive at least 15% more light,  with the ultrawide camera getting up to 40% more light. This by itself is gonna be huge for night time photography because it’s gonna greatly help both evening photography and night mode photos as well by reducing the overall noise and the amount of time it takes to take a night mode photo. 

Improved Ultra-Wide Camera

Ultra-Wide Camera on iPhone

Now on top of that, Ming-chi kuo reported that the iPhone 13 Pro models will feature an improved ultra-wide camera with autofocus which will be required if they make the aperture of the ultrawide lens larger to allow 40% more light, since doing so lowers the depth of field or the  amount of a scene that can be in focus at once.

New Astrophotography Mode

Now on top of all of that, Greg Joswiak tweeted out an Augmented Reality version of the event invitation, and as you can see, the camera points up at the stars, which basically confirms the rumored Astrophotography mode that Max Weinbach leaked a while back. And we got further confirmation when Macrumors forums noticed that the stars are moving or rotating in the sky, which further confirms the Astrophotography mode.

Astrophotography Mode on iPhone 13

PineLeaks also chimed in on this new feature by mentioning that when you use Night Mode, it will automatically detect when stars are in the frame and adjust the scene for them, so everything will happen automatically instead of having  to manually select an astrophotography mode. I was able to figure out that Reuben Wu on twitter is the photographer behind Apple’s event invitation, just by the amount of times he retweeted all of the event tweets, and as it turns out, he himself is an astrophotographer, further confirming that the new mode is finally coming to the iPhone. 

On top of all of that, Pine Leaks mentioned that Night Mode will get a new algorithm that analyses structures, resharpens and adjusts shadows in night time shots. We’re also gonna be getting better color science for night mode shots which is a huge deal, since it’ll no longer mess with the white balance on your face. Going further, the 9.14 text within the AR version of the invitation could also be pointing to a new always-on display feature which has been leaked by Max Weinbach many months ago and reiterated by Mark Gurman, so there’s a chance we could see that on the iPhone 13 lineup!

2nd-gen Face ID

One thing I also noticed is that the glowing edge of the Apple logo almost seems like it’s related to lasers, which is likely pointing to a new 2nd-gen Face ID system which is gonna help make the notch smaller while improving reliability and possibly speed as well.

2nd-gen LiDAR

And there’s a good chance we’re gonna be getting a 2nd-gen LiDAR scanner on the back of the iPhone as. And this actually ties into a little detail from Greg Joswiak’s tweet where he added a little Portrait frame emoji at the end of it, which points to Apple improving the performance of Portrait mode photos, which is something that Max Weinbach leaked back in May, claiming that Portrait photos will now use the depth information from the LiDAR scanner, which it didn’t do before, which should greatly improve the blur edging and avoid random mistakes.

New Color of iPhone 13 Series

Now another thing that Ben Geskin on twitter noticed about Greg’s tweet is that within the short clip, you can notice a little sunset in the corner of the frame, which could be pointing to a new bronze or sunset gold iPhone color option, which is something that is also rumored  to be coming with the iPhone 13 lineup. And interestingly, the twitter Hashflag that Apple chose for the Apple Event hashtag is basically a sunset at twilight, further pointing to the new color option.

Upcoming Apple Product on September Event

And now moving onto the final detail that I found that gives us a hint at one of the  biggest features we should expect on the iPhone 13 is the actual source image that Apple used for the invitation. A twitter user helped me find the source image by accessing the website’s source code, and it  looks like this, an incredible landscape scene of this beautiful treeline that fades to black on the sides. Interestingly, the aspect ratio of this image is reminiscent of the ultra panavision 70mm film aspect ratio which classic films like Ben Hur were filmed in, as well as the Quentin Tarantino flick the Hateful eight.

So as you can tell, this new invitation has  me extremely excited for the event next week,  where we should expect a bunch of new  product reveals like the iPhone 13 lineup, the Apple Watch Series 7, the AirPods 3, the iPad 9 and the iPad Mini 6.

Apple Watch 7

A new MagSafe charger for the iPhone 13 just popped up in FCC filings ahead of launch,   which could go hand in hand with the rumors of Apple using a larger wireless charging coil for the iPhone 13 lineup to allow for better heat management. 

According to ShrimpApplePro, both of the iPhone 13 Pro models will support Low Earth Orbit satellite connectivity in the United States using Elon Musk’s Starlink Satellite internet system, but for now, it’ll likely only be used for emergency calls and messages for areas where you have no cellular signal.

PineLeaks also gave us some more details where they don’t expect a price hike for the iPhone 13 lineup which is great news. They also believe that the Optical Image stabilization system   will be less aggressive and more smooth compared to previous models which will help with the new portrait cinematic video mode which they believe will use a new WARP system which will attempt to keep a subject close to the center of the frame.

They also claim that the AirPods 3 charging case will have a 20% larger battery compared to the 2nd gen and it’ll have wireless charging included. They said the overall sound  quality will stay the same, but we’ll get an improvement on  the bass and low-end frequencies.

The batteries on the AirPods 3 themselves will be around the same size as the current AirPods Pro, which is actually around 72% larger than  the battery cell in each AirPods 2 earbud, which is a very good sign for battery life! And finally, PineLeaks claimed  that the Apple Watch Series 7   should give us our first REAL battery life  improvement since the original Apple Watch And by the way, Mark Gurman claimed that the Series 7 will be available in limited quantities at launch, so if you want to get one, definitely preorder it as soon as it becomes available or you could be waiting weeks to get one. So there you guys have it!


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